Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dead Man Walking

so i guess im kind of excited to go see dead man walking tonight, even though im not much of a play guy...ive heard good things about it and im excited to see how it turns out and maybe i will be able to spot somethings in the play that I piced up in class from exercises we do.


well I feel like I have to be an actor all the time now. im always mad because I have so much stuff due in all my classes since it is mid term week. but I cant express my anger because nobody did anything to make me mad. I have to act like I am happy and not pissed all the time. It is tough to do but im getting good at it.
i must commend Keith on his excellent igloo it looks pretty sweet I wish I liked this cold weather I might have helped. In relation to this subject I saw the hugest snow man ever yesterday. I'm a little never to be at the bus stop today just because my occupation is going to be hard show the class without being extra obvious about but i'll make it work

Igloo success!

So in my last blog i talked about wanting to build an igloo... Well Zach, my other roommates, and I built this puppy in about 3 1/2 hours on tusday. It is freaking sweet! It is cool to see different peoples reactions when they first see something so damn rediculous lol but it makes it worth it

Job Occupations

So Tuesday's bus stop routine was fairly difficult, especially without being able to talk. It took a lot of concentration to show the different emotions and physical appearance of the person we were trying to be. Being alert and tired at the same time kind of difficult, but I'll take everybody's advise and try to do better next time. Its amazing how certain people act at a bus stop based on their age or occupation. Or I should say could act. But this is something I've never even paid attention to before. I also find myself being more critical of actors when I watch a movie. Before, I just watched the movie and approved of it if I enjoyed the plot. Now, I notice certain actors "overacting" and it does take away from the movie slightly. See ya guys in class!
last class when we did the bus stop exercise is always one of my favorite exercises that we do...even tho the last class I got teared apart by the audience cuz i did it completly wrong haha


i tried posting all last night and it would not let me! so i cant even remember what to put this time bc im justhoping that this works before class!!! well i hope everyone has had a good week so far..cya in class


I think it is very hard to show what occupation you are when you have no words or props to use in your scene. You really have to work hard to not try and be obvious by showing everyone what you are, but just being. Alot of times if we try and pretend to be someone else we try too hard and act with too much overkill. Also I think to make this activity work you have to realize that this could just be one scene out of many and you don't want to overkill one scene, when in the others it might become very obvious of who you are and what you do.

The Difference of a Sex Worker and a Football Player

So on Tuesday me and keith spent our entire afternoon building an igloo in our backyard. Its pretty sweet, took us about 3 and a half hours and its pretty solid now. It's big enough to fit four of us guys in it sitting around the edges. Uhm, other than that... nothing really else is sweet. I'm glad that class on tuesday pointed out to me that the difference between and Sex Worker and Professional Football player is the amount of actions that are out in front of view. I was actually just trying to be as cocky and arrogant as I could, but it ended up looking too sexy... yeah I get that a lot. Well, sorry I can't be there tomorrow to share in all the joy, as I'm going home for a service for my great grandmother, and won't be back until later in the afternoon...


So, I just got done playing a basketball game (actually a couple of hours ago) with Molly in which we lost. I've thought about this before since I've played ball my whole life, but I think it's interesting to see how a person's attitude changes when they're in a different role. Sports require a lot out of you and a completely different mindset. Off the floor I'm generally pretty nice. I joke around and can be serious sometimes, but I'm completely different on the court. I get serious and want to hurt people. I know that probably sounds psycho, but it's true. In junior high I was thrown out of a game for hitting a girl and I broke another girl's arm (technically not entirely my fault, she ran into me when I was setting an amazing pic). But, I've been hurt too. I dislocated my jaw and hit it back in during the game just so I could keep playing. Your personality changes and you become a person you're not in your normal life. In high school I learned how to hide my cheap hits and "punish" people without the refs seeing. I did that tonight too, but they were (I would like to put a bad word here but I won't) and annoying. I just can't imagine being a viewer who really doesn't know anything about sports watching people behave this way. Someone trying to act this out who was never involved in sports would be even more difficult, I think.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I don't know

Okay so I was going to talk about something really awesome tonight but then I went to work and just really need to take some time to rant. So as you all know it snowed, a lot over the last couple of days. So thinking that today would be another normal day of work I walk in to find out that the ceiling over the drive thru is leaking and caving in. It was practically a lake on the floor. So here I am trying to do my best as a server while having water falling on me from ceiling. This was terrible. I personally think we should have shut down but I guess the show must go on. Okay well I'm done ranting and I'm tired from work so I'm going to bed. See you all tomorrow


The class on Thursday was interesting. I really liked the interpretation of the different occupations. The only thing that I found hard was being able to pay attention to the three people waiting at the bus stop at the same time. I think that details are important for one in order for him/her to be able to guess the particular occupation of the person acting, and I definitely missed the details. I tried to focus but if it was one person at a time maybe it would've been a lot easier. I am excited about tomorrow. The occupation I will be trying to represent is quite unfamiliar to me, but I hope people will be able to guess.
On Friday, I will be seeing Dead Man Walking. I know of a few people in the play, and they all say that is it very good, and very deep. Certainly something I am looking forward to. I tend to see many more musicals than plays. This causes difficulty because so many of the musicals are focused more on the music than the deepness of the play itself. Don't get me wrong, I love the music in musicals, but I sometimes enjoy to go to a play for the deeper qualities of it. That is why I love watching Shakespeare so much.

Interpretation of Dead Man Walking

This past weekend I went to see the play Dead Man Walking. I believe that it was an important play in terms of the elements of acting. One important style of acting that I believe the cast was able to relay well, is the idea of creating something that in reality is invisible and making it into a part of the play. For example when the sister and the prisoner were facing the audience during the play; I believe that they were able to create a sense of continuitybetween themselves and the audience. This was done during the scene they acted out a glass window found in the visiting room of jails. Although there was no actual window that was being used as an on stage prop, it was very easy to believe that the two characters were in fact facing each other, although in reality they were sitting side by side.

Snow Day:(

So when I woke up this morning I just knew that it would be a snow day today however, to my surprise we have to walk around in this nasty slush, with cold hands and feet, and red noses. It makes me sad that we have snow days like this:(

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I thrive on being the last person to post on this blog...anyway the weekend was good pretty uneventful. the oscars were on and i watched some of it Jon stewart was pretty funny and i had seen a lot of the movies nominated i was really surprised when tilda swinton won but thats what these things are about. it kinda comes across as a popularity contest but when you see dark horses win like Marion cotilliard and Tilda Swinton you respect for the work that they put out there.

Snow Day

So i woke up this morning to a whole crap load of snow and i am really hoping for some kind of snow day. Not really so i don;t have to go to class, which is always sweet, but just becuase i want to go play in it. Last year my roomate and i were built a tunnel in our back yard. So i think this year we are going to try to get an igloo. Wish us luck!
I love watching movies! There are certain movies that are almost like therapy to me. I'm not gonna lie I still love to watch the occasional disney movie now and then and if you tell me that you don't enjoy watching those movies, I know your lying. There are certain movies and actors that just trap you into the plot. for example recently I went and saw P.S. I love you, with Gerard Butler. He is really one of my favorite actors. It is almost like he makes me believe that the character he is playing is what he is really like everyday of his life. I know that it is silly, but it's the best way to describe it.


I watched the oscars the other day. It was a good time to watch these actors be recognized for being masters of their craft. There will be blood if an amazing movie as well as no country for old men. Both movies deserved the rewards they won. I think everyone has some sort of dream to be a movie star. That is why we watch award shows. We like to see fashion on beautiful people, and basically we just like to see life unfold before us. This is why we watch reality shows also.

dead man walking

I went to see the play this weekend, and it was interesting. I liked all of the scripture references and what not, but i did not like the end of the play. But the thing about seeing true story plays or movies is that the ending is how it really is and how it really went and nothing can change about that and that is why i had a hard time with the play. I will see eveeryone in class today hopefully! See you then.

Dead Man Walking

So I went to see the school play dead man walking friday night and it was different then I expected. I've never been into plays, I'd rather watch a movie which is the reason I'd never seen a play before friday. I thought I would fall asleep or just be bored, but I stayed asleep for the entire play. I'm not going to tell anybody what happened in the play thus ruining it, I'll save that information for my paper. The experience changed my feelings on plays though, and I may be more willing to view a play the next time someone offers the opportunity.
Tomorrow I am going to be very tired. I will probably act sluggish. And exhausted. And generally just not myself. I guess that's what a lack of and adequate amount of sleep will do to someone. The real task will be acting like I'm not so tired and paying attention in my classes. Maybe some of them will be canceled because of the snow??

Monday, February 25, 2008


Class progression seems to be coming along quite smoothly. I think that everytime we come to class we leave know that we have learned something new. I have yet to leave class unsatisfied, looking forward to tomorrow.

Change of Attitude

This past weekend I attended a conference that not surprisingly showed me how good of an actor one has to be in order to succeed in the business world. The first days of the conference we had to attend some mock interviews, resume workshops, and other activities that were not the most interesting ever and that is probably why quite a lot of people were complaining about them. When the "big day", the day of the job fair, came everyone completely changed their attitude toward the conference. A lot of smiles, a lot of "happy people" were interviewing with the recruiters from the various companies. It was really interesting to see the difference of mood and attidute before and during the fair.
I'm going to have to agree with everyone else on the double whizbang of death. the game makes the days that much better... Even if I do suck at it. but the double whizbang makes you pay that much more attention to everything else going on around you. Hopefully I don't go out as early as I have the past couple times, but the way I'll look at that is that there is always room for improvement.
i agree that double whiz bang of death was ridiculously sweet. It gave me a rush of adrenaline that I think helps with the exercises. With acting, I think you have to ready for it and willing to give it 100% every time you do it. Whizbang, though I don't know how many movie stars do it, really pumps me up and makes me ready to do anything else. Even if you screw up it's ok because it takes "whizbang skill" to do well anyways. I think it's sweet and I can't wait to play tomorrow.

Defending Your Character

While in class on Thursday last week, I thought it was fun to defend the character I was playing. Although I know that there is much room for improvement in my acting, I thought that it was a nice change to be able to defend different styles of acting. The irony of this acting defense, is that it in turn requires acting to defend the previous acting. Through this circular cycle, I think that this class exercise created a new way to act and, in my opinion, enjoy the exercise.
whiz bang was kinda ridiculus with two balls. with two it is so much more difficult to concentrate, plus it is even harder the smaller the circle became. good times with that game. maybe if we get good enough we will be able to play with three balls, that would be insane

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Whiz Bang Game

Just when I thought that game couldn't be taken any further we not only have more that five items we can throw at a person, but he started two games at a time:) it was so funny to see it being played because there is a lot going on and it's essential to remember the noise that goes along with each move. it was funny:)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I thought class on tuesday was a blast. The whiz bang game was fun as usual, but being able to react to other people and their assumptions was really fun. And just for the record, pretending to shove a microwave into my shirt was just as awkward i would imagine it to really be.


Like other people have already mentioned, I'm excited that we're finally able to talk in class. It helps us express our ideas more clearly especially for the more difficult tasks. I really enjoyed the last activities we did and I'm looking forward to watching the other three groups go today in class.
I agree with the people that talked about being about to talk in class now. It is a new luxury and it definitly makes the activities alot funner since we can add personality to them.
So I really like the fact that we were able to talk on Tuesday. It really made things very interesting and added a lot of depth to the activity. Also I really thought that at first there was no point in this exercise except to deal with all the situations at hand and react. But later I realized that it is true that there are some situations that we walk into and we have no idea what is going on. At those times I really wish i had a video camera to get people's reactions. kind of like Candid Camera.
So class was nice on Tuesday. It was nice to finally speak. I like making people laugh and I finally found my outlet for that. You could really get a look into the personalities of people by how they acted. It was nice. Yeah that is all I got since I just got off work and I'm tired. See you all I guess today since it's after midnight.

Oh hope you all got a chance to check out the moon tonight. It was pretty awesome.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Being able to talk in class last week was a big change. At the beginning of the semester, I thought it was weird that we were in an acting class and never allowed to practice lines. Now I think it's so weird that we were able to. I wonder what Mr. Polanco was thinking- he probably was internally laughing at how terrible we were and how little we knew. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about dialogue sometime.
I really liked class yesterday. It is awesome to see everyone's creativity come out when they're talking. Everyone has different views on situations and watching all of you react to them was awesome. I can't wait to see what else we'll be doing the rest of the semester.
Class yesterday was very interesting. The new exercise that we are doing is not only challenging, but also a lot of fun. It is really difficult, atleast for myself, to be able to understand what the other people in my group are doing, and then adjust to the situation. The understanding isnt so difficult, it is the adjusting. I hope that we continue with the exercise because I really want to get better at it.

Talking and Acting

Although I now know that talking is only a very small portion of acting, I think that the combination creates a difficult scenario. In the future I know that I have plenty of room for improvement. While it is certainly true that acting requires concentration; I believe it also requires visualizing the audience's perspective in the sense that they are ultimately who is important. With this new understanding of the role of an actor, I think the future holds some potential for improvement.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Talking When Necessary

I really enjoyed class today, there's always some sort of spin or twist on a situation that allows for entertainment to peak through our class periods. It was fun today to see everyones creative thoughts and ideas spiral into the different roles we came up with to act out.


my weekend was filled with fun from my fraternity formal, the food was good the dance was good and everything was overall good. It was a good weekend

no idea

trying to think about something to write but I really cant think about anything that relates to class, sorry. This weekend my fraternity had our formal and it was sweet. rented hotel rooms and had a big party. It was great to spend time with my brothers and all my friends. I know this does not really apply to class but we sang songs I think that has something to do with acting.


I get a kick out of the whix bang game, and the newest addition of "Bowl" and "Strike" where pretty kick ass. I thought the assignment we were all working on was kind of fun too. I haven't got to go yet, but that's what today is for i suppose. So i got to see the new Knight Rider show the other night. I thought it was pretty good other than the car was now a mustang, i was kind of turned off by that. The car was cool though and had a bunch of new gadgets which were sweet. The new Micheal that is driving the car now is pretty sweet too, he is the kick ass now and take names later kind of character, which worked really well.
I went to bed at 9 so now I can't sleep. I've been feeling ill and it feels like my nose if falling off my face I'm also hungry and was not offered Taco Bell. I watched No Country for Old men tonight for the second time the end is a little confusing. i thought it was weird that there was no music throughout the entire film it made the movie more tense if you ask me


I love playing the whiz bang game, it is such a blast. i think I am going to have to teach my family how to play and since we have a ton of relatives it should be a blast!! I honestly could spend the whole time in class playing and coming up with new things to add. I think the only thing that I would change is I wish people would go faster, especially when we start to kick people out of the game.
We had our last regular season basketball game tonight and we got mercied to a team that we barely lost to the first time. It made me so mad- I am horrible at basketball, but very, very competitive. It's an awful combination. One of our best girl players couldn't come so I had to play the entire time, and I got really into it. I'm sure I was acting a little too serious for an intramural game, and it got pretty heated, but I couldn't really help it. It's hard to act like something is not a big deal to you when you're so passionate about it. (Or competitive!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

So this weekend some of my friends from Columbus came up to visit and go to the Big Band Dance sponsored by my old high school. I played in the bands that played this event for 4 years so it was so weird for me to go back and watch these kids play the same songs I played up there just two years ago. This brought back alot of crazy memories from the crazy long rehersals leading up to the event, to the fun I had playing. But it also reminded me why I'm glad I no longer was in the band, the pain associated with playing this gig was intense and I remember by our third set acting trying to keep a smile on my face as my fingers hurt more and more as I played each song on my bass. So I realized that I did a pretty good job of acting because no one except the band members and my parents knew I was in as much pain as I was in.
Looking back on it now I wonder why I even did it but I guess my joy of playing was more important than the pain it sometimes caused me. I guess the same could be said with acting. Sometimes the rejection a person could get is less important to them then just doing what they love.

Moving Objects

I was thinking about the moving object excercise because I couldn't really believe it when people said they thought we were folding and moving laundry. I guess I was just doing things quickly because I am used to dealing with suitcases and the procedure is more than familiar to me. Also, I imagine that it is a lot easier for people to guess what the person acting is doing if he/she is doing something they have done. For example, the ice moving was completely unfamiliar to me and I didn't really know what was going on. Well, I guess not that very many people weigh their bags 100 times before travelling....I do!

Thursdays Class

the wiz, bang activity that we do in class everyday is one of my favorite ones yet. It is fun because it forces us to think quickly on our feet, while adding more to the game by forcing us to sit out if we mess up.

Moving Objects

Although the last class had several difficult exercises such as trying to move an object that was full, then emptying it and carrying it again. Although this sounds easy in theory I found in practice it was much more difficult. Although I have room for improvement, I believe that there will be other exercises that I can use to improve my acting abilities.


so i really like class; its such a relief from everything else. It lets me let go of everything else and be something different. A couple weeks ago I actually was pretty sick and getting up and moving around helped a lot. I can't wait until we start doing lines. We have a lot of funny people in the class and I think it is going to be really interesting.

Thursday's Class

Thursday's class was interesting, its funny to see how we are all given the same assignment and how different the outcome is with all of our different personalities. I really enjoy that aspect of class.

class thursday

it was nice being back in class on thursday, i have to say i did miss it on tuesday! i hope everyone had a good weekned, i went home and saw my brothers hockey game so that was exciting! well i will c u all n class tomorrow! byeee :)
On Thursday, I was finally able to make it back to class. It was interesting because I realized how strange it felt to be in class again. Each class really does build on itself, and to not be in class for a while, does not really help you very much. Very different from other classes where if I missed two, it really would not make a difference. I found it quite fascinating.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

fun times

well it was nice to have a break from class on tues. I missed it though. it is always a nice relaxing time when I walk into class. It is always fun and I always learn something. I wish a different class would have been cancled insted of acting but I made due with it. applebees sucks still so come visit me ANYONE ill get you free drinks. (pop)
Lets see, I think we really should have just "cold" days, not only snow days. It'd make everyone that much happier, cause I always hear, "its so cold outside..." and other variations that just sound like bickering to me. Anyways, looking forward to being back in Fabio's today... I need a new word of the day, blingologist isn't cutting it anymore.
I was looking through a box of random stuff in my closet yesterday and found the old script from "Not another high school play". It made me laugh because that was the production i was had a role in my senior year of high school. I played the role of a jock that got to be an asshole to others and in particular a cheerleader. It was interesting for me to be like that because 1. I am not a jock and 2. I am generally not an asshole, with some exceptions.


It was nice to get out of town last weekend and hang out with some friends. A couple buddies of mine took a road trip to Pittsburgh to visit another friend. We had a lot of fun, and I got a chance to recharge my batteries.
I'm looking forward to class today and I hope that the rest of us will get to do that age game. Anyway, I was watching some arrested development last night(an older show, I have the DVD) and one of the characters plays a former psychiatrist that wants to be an actor, however he is overly dramatic with everything and its really funny. Now the TV show displayed the character in this reason, but the overacting happens all the time (even to the professionals)

Night Ends Morning Begins

As I look around the room right now at 2:54 AM as Family guy plays on the TV and I think about eating breakfast tomorrow i cant help but wonder why im such a slob. There are clothes everywhere like not just on the floor but in odd places like the top shelve above my desk......I also ask myself why i'm up this late listening to wilford brimely push diabetic medicine.....Shane just came in. why is Shane walking in my room at 2:59 AM? I should really lock my door......I'm rambling

FYI....Free burritos at the new Wooster Chipotle I'll be there will you?
I am writing this post on my friend's computer. When he saw me sit down at his desk and steal his chair as soon as he got up, he acted like he was mad at me. He was trying really hard, but it was like a joke because I could see right through him. His act wasn't believable at all- he talked about how mad he was, but his eyes shone with laughter even as his face appeared angry. I thought it was funny, and so I made fun of him and then wrote my post anyway.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow days

So I've come to the conclusion that I miss being seven. Those were the good old days especially when we would have snow days. Why don't college student get snow days as much as we used to when we were little. to be honest I could go for a snow day more than when i was younger, but hey they were good days! I remember staying home with my brothers and mom. We would sleep in as late as we could then go and watch cartoons. Then my mom would make a special breakfast for me and my brothers. It would always be amazing especially with all the hot chocolate. Gosh I miss the homemade hot chocolate my mom would make. The next thing we would do would be get all bundled up and go outside and play in the snow till we were close to getting frostbite, then my mom would make us come inside before we could get sick. Finally to pass the rest of the day we would watch movies and play board games until we passed out usually. God I miss days like that we just don't have those kind of days anymore. Do we get to old to enjoy the very simple gifts that we receive everyday, like a simple snow day?


I really enjoyed the age acting most probably because I had to be someone who is 22 and I am actually 21, so that was not that hard for me to do. I really don't know though what I would have done if I were somebody a lot older or younger. The easiest acting, I guess, is when you are actually yourself or at least someone comparatively close to who you are but it doesn't always happen that way. I am truly excited to see the other groups tomorrow. I think the most interesting ones will be the kids and old people.
As with many of you, I was very disapointed we did not have class on Tuesday and am hoping we will have class tomorrow. I agree with the previous post by lawbreaker. It would be very difficult to act age. Regardless of age, people act in accordance, or completely against what the normal characteristic of one's age is. I am just constantly fascinated by how much I never realized as to how difficult acting is.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I never really thought before about how hard it would be to show others how old you are just by your actions and behavior. Also I believe that many people behave extremely different at different ages so it is almost impossible to try and act a different age without being stereotypical. By the way I hate stereotypes.

No Class

So, I just found out that we won't be having class today, which really sucks. Hopefully we will have class again Thursday. That game that we played last thursday wiz-bang was quite enjoyable. One of the better ice breaker games I've seen. So I was watching terminator last night, and I didn't really buy some of the acting done by Summer Glau (the robot girl named Cameron) This could have been the point considering she was robotic, but either way I found myself laughing at her attempt to being excited .
So since we don't have class tomorrow... err today, I'm pretty disappointed. Although one thing I did tonight was watch a bit of the WWE on tv. It was pretty funny to watch wrestling again after not watching for so long. I only could stand the last ten minutes of it, but I laughed almost the whole time. It was a match that was just so long and drawn out, both of the guys apparently had been fighting in the ring for 30 minutes or so... That's what it seemed like, every move and every hit took both of them to the floor. And I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next. I really want to try and watch more of it next week... its hilarious. haha

Monday, February 11, 2008

Just a collection of things

So I just got done checking my email and found that we don't have class tomorrow. I'm not happy about it in the sense that I do really like this class and feel I have a lot to learn. However the other side of me is excited that we don't have class just because sometimes you need a day off. With the weather turning bad right now I was stressing out having to drive into class tomorrow since I am a commuter but now I feel more at ease knowing I can stay in the safety of my home. So enough on my feelings on the weather.

I watched the grammy's last night and I really excited about seeing John Mayer on. I just think he is amazing and has a way to really making you believe what he feels when he sings. I had the privilege of seeing him in concert goodness almost a year ago now I believe and he was amazing. I was so caught up in everything around me that I think at one point I cried. I will say I didn't but those who went with me said that I did. Oh well the jury is out on that one.

Hopefully we will see you all Thursday.
So I just found out that my room mate- one of my best friends- JUST broke up with her boyfriend of like a week over the big one year! It was pretty much a complete shock to me. I had no idea that she was going to do it. I mean, yea, Willie was a little crazy and possessive and jealous, but I never caught on that she was getting THAT annoyed. My other room mate, however, said she had a feeling it was coming. Steph is really quiet but hilarious and sarcastic when she does talk, because she just sits back and takes things in. I think I'm going to try and be more observant like Steph, because she is very good at observing people and determining accurate interpretations of their feelings and actions. Maybe I, too, could have caught on to the drama that was unfolding around me a little sooner...

The Grammys

I watched the Grammys for the first time in a long time last night and to my surprise I really enjoyed them. I thought there were some really good performances. I loved Tina Turner and Beyonce, as well as Alicia Keys and John Mayer. I'm always skeptical about award shows because sometimes they can be worse than watching a bad movie with all the bad commentary and introduction speeches that come along with them, but this time it was tolerable to me:)


So i was sitting here about to blog about some funny reactions i saw on students faces when there was a pop quiz in a class of mine, but i happened to see a trailer for the new movie Step Up 2: The Streets. This caught my attention becuase of the acrobatics and the dancing that the characters were doing. Now i am not into movies of this sort and don't care for trendy things of the sort, but i continued to watch to see what the acting was like in the few scenes they showed with actual acting. Now i am no where near a professional actor or critic, but as a media major i have developed an annoying habit of paying attention to minute details. In this case, it seemed as if the director was more concerned with the actors ability to dance over their ability to act. I found this kind of funny becuase I think that the success of a story hinges on the ability of the actors to portray it.


Last week I was not able to make it to class at all. Thursday I went to CPAC where I was able to see all the republican candidates and President Bush speak. From an acting point of view, it is unbelievable the way that the politicians will feed off of the audience and the audience feeds off the speaker. I dont think that the audience sometimes realizes what the speakers are doing. The speaker would intentionally raise his voice and start to speak louder whenever he wanted the audience to applaud and go insane. However, whenever the audience would react unexpectedly the speaker would have to adjust to the circumstances. It was fascinating.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


class was fun today, i thought the whole exercise when we were waiting at a bus stop was interesting. Ive been trying to think how i am going to act when i go up and do it...should be interesting! also, trying to decipher the first 2 groups ages was difficult because they have no props, costumes, etc., but it is interesting guessing the ages! see you in class tuesday :)


Guessing the ages of the people in class was fun, and somewhat difficult. If they were walking slowly we knew that they were old, but how old could they be? It was a tough decicion to make. All in all the class was fun and im looking forward to tuesday.

old movies

I absolutely love old movies and on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) they are doing a month of Oscar movies. Today was a lot of mystery movies and there were a few good ones. Two of them I have already seen, Spellbound and The Maltese Falcon, but I have never seen Gaslight (I would be surprised if many of you have even seen these movies so sorry). Ingrid Bergman was in Spellbound and Gaslight and I think she is such a great actress. I have a few favorites, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, Grace Kelley, Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, and her, among others. The acting styles between then and now are so different. Now, we have all these special effects and stuff that makes it easier for the viewer to get what's going on; acting can be so generic. Then, they had to use themselves to make the audience believe. Bergman played two completely different parts in the movies I saw today and I completely believed both of them. I know people hate to watch old movies because they're black and white or we've been so desensitized that they just don't seem real, but to get a feel for great acting, you should watch some oldies. I think to have actors and actresses as good as them now will be a hard task.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The exercise we did in class yesterday involving the bus stop was one that i liked alot. It made me realize all of the little things that we fail to observe in everyday life, like the body movements of a teenager versus and older person.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Putting things into motion

Today in class I found it difficult to "open the bottle," although it was a good learning experience. While I was unable to completely visualize the bottle, I did allow some real life actions to take place in the aftermath of trying to "see" what I was trying to open. One other major thing that I believe will be a point of improvement in the future is the idea of keeping a close eye on length, width, and height; among other dimensions, of the hypothetical objects I am trying to move throughout class. All in all I think that there is much to be learned for me personally in the future of acting, although I am certain that I am going in the right direction.


last night I played in a poker game. I have not played in a long time and I almost forgot exactly how much acting is involved in the game. you have to be able to both act and be able to determine when people are acting as well. I wa bluffed a few times so I was playing with some pretty good actors, or im just not that good at poker. either way it relates to our class well.

Tuesday's class

Man was Tuesday's class difficult, at least for me anyways. I guess I have to concentrate more which is what I was trying to do the second time with the remote control. The game that we've played in two classes now is also very entertaining and takes a lot of concentration for the person guessing.

sweat the small stuff

Lately in my life I have been hanging out with two different sets of people I mean don't get me wrong it's not like one group doesn't know about the other like i'm carrying on some illicit affair but other than meeting at the bar for a drink the two groups basically are just that two separate groups and this probably makes sense.

I sparked up this friendship with someone a little older than me (lets leave it at that) and by default she introduced me to her friend and her sister and other people in town who are older than me and we're not talking like 40 or 50 years old but they're older. the sister of the friend has two kids and is married and the friend is on her way to moving with her significant other. My other set of friends i have known forever, my age we basically do everything together because we are always around each other

yesterday I hung out with both groups at different points in the day and the difference between how the older group deals with things as opposed to the younger the things that matter to me and my friends my age don't matter to them anymore, it's kind of trivial. my younger group got into an arguement that was so long and stupid (it really was) that it ruined the end of the day. it really made me realize how much growing up i still had left.

thats it really, thats all i had to say something i observed..... yea and i love being the last to post we're cool right Fab? let me know if this cool don't be shisty with the points. do you even read these? hello? give me proof that you read these I have my suspicions


So I was pretty stoked that in class on Tuesday, Fabio had some good things to say about the acting I had done. Like picking the coinage off of the ground... its amazing how the simplest tasks can be so hard to do if you are not actually doing them. That's really all I had to say about our last class, hope we have a good one tomorrow as well.
Yesterday,I was watching a movie with some friends and they were complaining about how bad the acting was by one of the characters. I hadn't even really thought about whether or not they were doing a good job, I just believed them automatically. I guess I am somewhat naive and gullible to acting in movies. Once I payed more attention, I, too, realized the actor was quite fake. I need to start applying the things we are learning in class to movies and real-life, and stop just giving actors such an easy job and believing them blindly.

My Fav!!!

I have come to the conclusion that one of my favorite things about this class is how much we get to use our creativity. Just coming up with random ideas on the spot can be the start of some very interesting activities. (If you get my drift!)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

who knows

So I understand why in class we are "seeing" the objects we are doing in our minds but I'm starting to get rather antsy for actually have objects and not seeing them. I think this has something to do with the fact that sometimes I still feel awkward in class because I don't think I fully grasp what we are supposed to be doing or how to do it. I also think I have a problem coming up with ideas on how to do something and when we get thrusted in front of people with no idea of what we are doing it kind of has a way of deflating my self esteem. Now this doesn't happen all the time but I guess I wish we had something more tangible to work with because I think it will help me with my insecurity types of issues. I've never been a really self confident person and not knowing what to do all the time intensifies those feelings a great deal.

Guess Who Is Leading

I liked the game we played at the beginning of last class, "guess who's leading" (I believe was the name) because so far it seems like it is really hard for the guessing person to actually figure out who is leading. I think that happens because the person guessing is usually looking in the eyes of everybody on the floor. The eyes would not necessarily reveal the person leading. On the other hand, figuring out who is truly leading could turn out to be quite difficult mostly because not everybody is closely following the leader.

Super Bowl Advertising

Although there were many good commercials during the super bowl, as there usually are, I was quite impressed with the commercial in which the guy and there girl go to the wine and cheese party and the guy has a large block of cheese on a plate. He proceeds to go to the kitchen where he is meet by three other men. As he asks any of them if they would care for a slice of cheese he lifts up on the block of cheese and inside there are drinks. Then the next guy holds up a large roll and takes the top off and inside is another drink. The final guy decides to bring a box of wine, which actually harbors a television set inside. Although I am sure that there is plenty of acting going on throughout the entire commercial, I really believe that what made it great for me was to watch the kitchen scene unfold in a way that transformed an ordinarily boring wine and cheese party, into a great place to watch a football game with the guys.

Acting is all around us

I found myself watching other people today in convo and it was quite funny. People don't realize how much acting there doing when there just recapping their day. It involves reenacting different people they have encountered throughout the day which is essentially acting. When I went to dinner today I watched the people I was eating with do the exact same thing. It was funny to see. Completely off the subject, I've decided to retire the hot dog:)


I was in the Rec Center working out on Tuesday and there were a few other people in there as well. I had a sleevless shirt on and my tattoos were visable. A guy that i had been talking to about the Bruce Lee movie that was on television came up and asked about them. It was funny to see how awkward he felt asking me about it. He almost acted embarrased to be commenting on my tattoos. He started with "I hope this isn't weird..." which immediatly made it, and then continued to ask how much i had paid for them. This is not a odd question in the tattoo world i guess, since everyone likes to find the best deal and all, but his approach made me think of the way i felt awkward being in front of the others in class. I can really tell how much more comfortable i have become acting a fool in front of people i don't know.


So I'm going to John Carroll tonight to see one of my best friends from high school and I started thinking about something. I wonder how people act there? I went to Mount Union last year and the people are so different than they are here. Here everyone is so much nicer. At Mount, people weren't. They were very clickish and stuck to their own groups. I know every where there are clicks, but here it just seems like people are so much more willing to talk to people they don't know. To make a new friend at Mount was a huge task. I don't know if that's how people were in high school and they changed once they got to college or what but that is what I have noticed. It should be interesting to see what people are like at John Carroll.

Class on tuesday

Class tuesday was fairly exciting, watching the rocket was hilarious. I really thought there was a rocket in the room. The rollercoaster was also good. This class is aweome

Superbowl Commercials

Since people are posting about their favorite superbowl commercials I figured that I would follow suit and my favorite one was the one with the baby sitting if front of the webcam with the creepy clown in the backround, I thought it was funny...even though I didnt think that this years ones were as good as years past

Super Bowl ads

On the topic of super bowl ads, I really enjoyed the coke ad which had the parade with the monstrous balloons chasing after the coke balloon. It ended up with the Charlie Brown balloon winning the race to the coke bottle. Quite hilarious. The interesting thing that I found in regards to acting, is that in order for myself or anyone else to understand what in the world was going on, the balloons had to have some movements that would be typical to that of a human being's while still remaining a balloon. It would be some sort of combination between a balloon and a human. I would imagine that would be even harder than for a human being trying to act like another human being. Now you have a balloon trying to remain a balloon, but have some sort of action that would look similar to that of a human.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I just thought i would blog this time about running. I have to go run for soccer in about 45 minutes and im not excited! Mainly because although it was rather warm earlier, its starting to get colder! eww!! Umm about class today, that small object and difficulty thing was rather difficult. When i got up there the difficult part for me was going to be trying to get the contact in my eye, little did i know i would have such a difficult time OPENING the case lol! Well see you all on thursday!!!


So as many of you know we had a pretty bad thunderstorm here last night but as many of you don't know I'm extremely afraid of thunderstorms. So at 3:13AM when I heard the first clap of thunder I immediately was freaking out. But now that the storm seems to be over this morning I'm left wondering if we are asked to portray fear would I be more believeable if I was brought back to my fear of the storm? Just a little something I thought about. Well I'm off to get ready for class now so I won't be late.


I am Empty today. I am actually at a loss for words alot of people talked about the super bowl and the commercials but i'm over that topic......Class remains interesting to say the least at first the in class exercises seemed tedious to me but i have adapted.......Yea umm I honestly have nothing else to's a wrap


While I was sitting in Convo today, I noticed that there were several people eating in a unusual way at the table I was sitting at. I started to think that there are very interesting ways to eat food. This I believe is extremely important for acting class, because during each class at some point throughout the last couple of weeks we have been working on trying to re-enact the process of eating, and I am sure that in the future I will be able to replicate some of these new and very interesting eating styles that I was exposed to today.

Super Bowl Commercials

As I analyzed the commercials during the Super Bowl, I decided that there were some that just were not good at all. They didn't give any vital information for their products, they didn't catch anyone's attention, and they certainly haven't been talked about since the game's end. If I were going to pay a million dollars for a thirty second ad, I would make sure that it was going to be remembered and talked about, because that is what would sell my product. Or else, if I was really rich, I'd make an ad about me that's just like, "Hey, I'm Molly. I'm sweet. You should know me." And no one would understand who the random person with the ad was.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting to Know You

So I really love how we are all becoming more comfortable with each other and the activities in class. I feel it really makes a difference in the quality of the activities that we perform. I also love how we laugh and joke so much I think it almost creates a more relaxed enviroment, plus since we all have a good sense of humor then we all kinda aim to make others laugh.

Terrible Ad

I don't know about you guys and watching the super bowl ads, but I think that the advertisement for the Pepsi Max was terrible. At first I'm watching it and thinking to myself, "are these people trying to dance to the song?" Then the cart came up with the Pepsi Max stuff and they all are awake then. I didn't once believe that they were tired or falling asleep... their heads were up and down so much! Anyways, thats pretty much the terrible acting in the ads that I saw. To add to Jon's post, I personally loved the Cavemen and the wheel commercial.
^here's the link to the Pepsi Commercial, if you don't remember it.


I love football but I love the commercials even more. I love the acting that takes place in these commical events. The best one was the budwiser commercial with the horse. It was somewhat of a remake of the rocky movies. I laughed really hard the whole time. had a great time with my fraternity brothers watching the game. I dont really know what else to say.
thats all I have to say about that

A Commercial

I was watching the super bowl planters unibrow woman commecial ( and I thought about how much acting it takes to make yourself feel attracted to a not that attractive woman. The admiration look they are casting at her is simply amazing. It has the tenderness and attentiveness of a person who is looking at something undescribably beautiful. I think the woman is a good actor too because she is acting as if that attention being paid by all the men surrounding her is an everyday event.

Super Bowl

I watched the super bowl last night and there was some acting going on. There were "play action" plays and the qb faked the handoff to the running back and the defense was decieved. They have to make everyone believe that the running back has the ball although he really doesnt. Its making everyone go with what you are doing and making them believe what you want them to.
I remeber that I did a play in 8th grade called "Kilroy Was Here" and how it was my first and only experience in theatre. Even though I only did one play, I wish that I would have possed the knowledge that I have now from the first 3 weeks of class...I probably would have gotten casted to a better role

Super Bowl Commercials

Hey there, I'm sure a lot of you watched the Super Bowl and the commercials last night. I thought overall they were funnier than last year. A couple of my favorites were the Doritos commercial with the gigantic mouse jumping out of the wall and the car commercial with all of the animals screaming. Oh oh, I also liked the baby and the creepy clown, that was pretty good. I think it's funny how people have to make you totally buy something in 30 seconds. Every new commercial you see you have to be consumed and be able to believe what they are telling you. Like, with the Doritos one, I really believed that man was a boring perfectionist and was really annoyed with that mouse. However, I would probably pee my pants if a mouse that big came through my wall.
Since everyone is on the topic of Thursday's class, I would also like to discuss the happenings of Thursday. I found it really interesting that when we were playing the circle game how easy it was to deceive the person who was guessing. When I was the person everyone was following, all I would do is look straight ahead at one of the people sitting across from me. This would cause the guesser to think it was one of them. This strategy even worked when others were the leader.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thursdays Class

Well i loved class on thursday! I think everyday we become more and more comfortable w/ eachother and i love that! We are starting to improve on the small things that we kind of over looked the first few days of class! I had alot of fun w/ the circle game at the end of class when one person left the room and then had to decide who was the leader in the circle! That was just alot of fun and very much enjoyabl! See yo all in class this week!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Thursday's class

So thursday's class was enjoyable as usual. I thought we all did an excellent job with the mirror exercises and i think we've improved some from the first day. That game we did at the beginning of class was very difficult at least for me anyways. I'm not the greatest at doing to things at once; like moving my feet in along with having a conversation in rhythm. I was probably thinking about what i wanted to say rather than being in the moment and forgetting about the future. Its difficult cause I always want to be ahead, so I don't get behind. I also thought that Delone did an excellent job in leading the group in the last game we played. We were able to switch motions fairly flawlessly and it was difficult for Carrie to determine who the leader was.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I think if we all had the opportunity we would all be actors. It gives people the chance to act completely out of their character for the purpose of entertainment. I wonder though, what the disadvantages are of being a actor. I mean the serious disadvantages, not like Britney Spears, but rather the actors who remain sane throughout their acting careers.