Thursday, February 14, 2008

fun times

well it was nice to have a break from class on tues. I missed it though. it is always a nice relaxing time when I walk into class. It is always fun and I always learn something. I wish a different class would have been cancled insted of acting but I made due with it. applebees sucks still so come visit me ANYONE ill get you free drinks. (pop)
Lets see, I think we really should have just "cold" days, not only snow days. It'd make everyone that much happier, cause I always hear, "its so cold outside..." and other variations that just sound like bickering to me. Anyways, looking forward to being back in Fabio's today... I need a new word of the day, blingologist isn't cutting it anymore.
I was looking through a box of random stuff in my closet yesterday and found the old script from "Not another high school play". It made me laugh because that was the production i was had a role in my senior year of high school. I played the role of a jock that got to be an asshole to others and in particular a cheerleader. It was interesting for me to be like that because 1. I am not a jock and 2. I am generally not an asshole, with some exceptions.


It was nice to get out of town last weekend and hang out with some friends. A couple buddies of mine took a road trip to Pittsburgh to visit another friend. We had a lot of fun, and I got a chance to recharge my batteries.
I'm looking forward to class today and I hope that the rest of us will get to do that age game. Anyway, I was watching some arrested development last night(an older show, I have the DVD) and one of the characters plays a former psychiatrist that wants to be an actor, however he is overly dramatic with everything and its really funny. Now the TV show displayed the character in this reason, but the overacting happens all the time (even to the professionals)

Night Ends Morning Begins

As I look around the room right now at 2:54 AM as Family guy plays on the TV and I think about eating breakfast tomorrow i cant help but wonder why im such a slob. There are clothes everywhere like not just on the floor but in odd places like the top shelve above my desk......I also ask myself why i'm up this late listening to wilford brimely push diabetic medicine.....Shane just came in. why is Shane walking in my room at 2:59 AM? I should really lock my door......I'm rambling

FYI....Free burritos at the new Wooster Chipotle I'll be there will you?
I am writing this post on my friend's computer. When he saw me sit down at his desk and steal his chair as soon as he got up, he acted like he was mad at me. He was trying really hard, but it was like a joke because I could see right through him. His act wasn't believable at all- he talked about how mad he was, but his eyes shone with laughter even as his face appeared angry. I thought it was funny, and so I made fun of him and then wrote my post anyway.