Friday, January 18, 2008

Listening Activity

For my listening activity I layed in my bed last night around 12 pm and just listened to my surrounding...I heard the sounds of passing cars and students coming home from a fun night out, letting the whole campus know of their existance by yelling. Also I heard the sound of music coming out of a car with a heavy bass. Inside the room I heard our heater going and the sounds of doors opening and closing from others down the hall going to and from the bathroom. From that and our class listening activity I have realized that their our so many faint sounds that I dont normally hear without paying close attention in silence.


I sat in convo at lunch today and listened to everyone around where I was sitting. I eat at noon so there are a ton of people and a lot of what I heard was jumbled noise. Occasionally I would hear a pitch change or a random scream, but most of it was a lot of words mixed together not making any sense. However, I did hear one conversation that was rather loud. They were a couple of tables over from me and it was between four girls and one guy. Two other guys came up and that was when the conversation got loud. One of the guys was introducing the other to everyone at the table. Rather than just saying their names he introduced one of them as "the nice one" and another one as "the meanest person you'll ever meet" and so on. I thought it was funny because I notcied the change in everyone's voices. Their voices were more high pitched and they joked around a little more. The new person seemed to be a little overwhelmed and nervous because everyone was sooo outgoing.
I guess the point of this was just to say that I never really noticed how people change with new introductions. Voices tell a lot about a person's personality. People always try to read everyone's appearance or second guess what's being said by the combo of the voice and the facial expression. Just listening explains a lot more.