Monday, March 31, 2008

So, can anyone say stressed???? I sure as heck can right now. I feel like all my professors have just dumped everything on me at once and I really don't know what to do. I have pretty much had 3 hours of sleep a night for the last 2 weeks and I feel like it is really starting to wear me down. I try really hard in class to focus on the exercises we do but I always find myself thinking about what I have to do after class and what I need to get done right away. Even as I'm sitting here right now I have marketing on my left and robotics on my right and my lines I need to memorize right in front. Speaking of lines, are you gonna be part one or part two Delon? Anyway back on my rant of all things school work. I guess I wish that the professors didn't load so much on us all at once. It gets especially hard for commuters trying to run back in forth to campus to meet with groups for every class under the sun. Gas is not cheap and all this running around is starting to hurt my checking account. Okay well I need to get back to work now on all my school stuff. I will see you all tomorrow.

Learning our Lines

So for some reason I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow. I know the lines are easy but I wonder how difficult the scene will become once we incorporate all the different elements that we will be asked to do. I am equally interested to see how everyone does with their given lines. Good luck everyone:)
I did not find last class as interesting or engaging as the substance exercise. Though, I would like to say that every class is interesting and engaging. I wish that we would do more with the substance exercises. I think that some people had some trouble with it, but I found it amazing. It almost felt as though the substance was truly there. It was interesting also to see the others react when they were suppose to have the substance or lack the substance. Very, very interesting stuff.
so ive been sick the last couple of days and im bored. There is nothing on tv so i have been watching some of the crappiest movies ive ever seen. Of course, I was critiquing them and just became bitter. I remember the days when I used to be able to sit and watch a horrible movie and think very little of it (unless it was a movie on the scifi channel, in that case they're absolutely terrible and i watch them because of this factor). This class has forever ruined my ability to watch horrible movies.


apparently i suck at remembering these blogs but i really enjoyed class on thursday not so much tuesday but it was funny to watch everybodys version of using different objects in the bathroom lol, i had alot of fun and am excited for our end of the year project! see you guys this week!