Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting to Know You

So I really love how we are all becoming more comfortable with each other and the activities in class. I feel it really makes a difference in the quality of the activities that we perform. I also love how we laugh and joke so much I think it almost creates a more relaxed enviroment, plus since we all have a good sense of humor then we all kinda aim to make others laugh.

Terrible Ad

I don't know about you guys and watching the super bowl ads, but I think that the advertisement for the Pepsi Max was terrible. At first I'm watching it and thinking to myself, "are these people trying to dance to the song?" Then the cart came up with the Pepsi Max stuff and they all are awake then. I didn't once believe that they were tired or falling asleep... their heads were up and down so much! Anyways, thats pretty much the terrible acting in the ads that I saw. To add to Jon's post, I personally loved the Cavemen and the wheel commercial.
^here's the link to the Pepsi Commercial, if you don't remember it.


I love football but I love the commercials even more. I love the acting that takes place in these commical events. The best one was the budwiser commercial with the horse. It was somewhat of a remake of the rocky movies. I laughed really hard the whole time. had a great time with my fraternity brothers watching the game. I dont really know what else to say.
thats all I have to say about that

A Commercial

I was watching the super bowl planters unibrow woman commecial ( and I thought about how much acting it takes to make yourself feel attracted to a not that attractive woman. The admiration look they are casting at her is simply amazing. It has the tenderness and attentiveness of a person who is looking at something undescribably beautiful. I think the woman is a good actor too because she is acting as if that attention being paid by all the men surrounding her is an everyday event.

Super Bowl

I watched the super bowl last night and there was some acting going on. There were "play action" plays and the qb faked the handoff to the running back and the defense was decieved. They have to make everyone believe that the running back has the ball although he really doesnt. Its making everyone go with what you are doing and making them believe what you want them to.
I remeber that I did a play in 8th grade called "Kilroy Was Here" and how it was my first and only experience in theatre. Even though I only did one play, I wish that I would have possed the knowledge that I have now from the first 3 weeks of class...I probably would have gotten casted to a better role

Super Bowl Commercials

Hey there, I'm sure a lot of you watched the Super Bowl and the commercials last night. I thought overall they were funnier than last year. A couple of my favorites were the Doritos commercial with the gigantic mouse jumping out of the wall and the car commercial with all of the animals screaming. Oh oh, I also liked the baby and the creepy clown, that was pretty good. I think it's funny how people have to make you totally buy something in 30 seconds. Every new commercial you see you have to be consumed and be able to believe what they are telling you. Like, with the Doritos one, I really believed that man was a boring perfectionist and was really annoyed with that mouse. However, I would probably pee my pants if a mouse that big came through my wall.
Since everyone is on the topic of Thursday's class, I would also like to discuss the happenings of Thursday. I found it really interesting that when we were playing the circle game how easy it was to deceive the person who was guessing. When I was the person everyone was following, all I would do is look straight ahead at one of the people sitting across from me. This would cause the guesser to think it was one of them. This strategy even worked when others were the leader.