Saturday, April 12, 2008

thursdays class

class was fun thursday. its awesome seeing everybodys scenes progressing as well as watching everybodys scene where we have to touch everything in the scene!!! i cant believe this semester is almost over with already! its gone by so fast! i look forward to everybodys finished product! i hope u all are having a fun, safe weekend now that there are no more tornado warnings!!! lol see you all on tuesday!!

Lines and not knowing

It seems that some of you have noticed that having lines is harder than not having lines. That is why we end with them rather than beginning with them. It is a more difficult skill.

Also, the reason I don't always give you all of the information before you attempt something is that:

1. I want you to figure it out for yourself (problem solving), because then you have better chance of really learning.
2. Sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than your success.
3. When you succeed you have ownership of your success.