Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I enjoyed watching the other groups with the same scripts as us act out there scenes. It was interesting to see what kind of a different spin that they would put on the scene than my group did. Also the ideas that were brainstormed in class about possible relationships in groups was fun to.
So I'm really not totally confident in my memorization of my lines... albeit they are very simple, i just have a terrible memory and now I'm like, "damn what was i supposed to say?" but i have confidence that i'll have it ready when its my time to go. See you all in class.
I've done it this time I didnt memorize my script for today so this should be interesting i think me and amanda can work through it. right now im caught up in this show about a doggy who won't stop eating his poo (Animal Planet rocks) I can't wait til class it should be sweet I'm also a little sick (again) just warning

script from high school

I found a script from a production i took part in. It was my senior year of high school. I auditioned with out any specific role in mind and was given the role of the jock. This was kind of a fun role because i was not an asshole jock like that in real life so i got to pretend for a couple nights. There was a funny guy role that i think would have been more fun, but thats ok it was fun regardless.

The substance

We finally figured out the purpose of the substance and like I mentioned last time our improvement is evident. We're all more focused and attentive than earlier in the semester. Nobody is trying to "show" something but rather trying to focus and make their actions real. I'm looking forward to these last couple of weeks of class and wiz bang of course. That was pretty awesome last week when we got Fabio out.

free movie night

I went to free movie night this past weekend, it was pretty good. The movie that was shown was called Atonement. All of the actors were very good and I foun myself getting lost in the story. The way it was set up was unlike other movies. There were some very interesting cuts in the way it was shot. I think other people should go watch this movie.
I was in Florida all of last week and one of the biggest differences I noted in people was the way they talk. Obviously, people in the south drawl their words out very long and slur many of them together into conjunctions that people from the north don't use. We became kind of friends with the people in the house next to us who were from Georgia, and they tried to talk with my accent and had a very hard time doing so, while it was much easier for my family to talk like them. Is it difficult for people from the south to play a role in which they are from another area of the country or world? At least these couple people definitely could not pull it off...