Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi Guys,

Amanda asked a really good question that audience members often have about plays and what makes a play. There are lots of different types of plays and theatre. Some theatre is meant to entertain (Phantom of the Opera), some is meant to instigate, some is meant to be political, some of is meant to initiate community discourse (Dead Man Walking). There is no one type of theatre. Not everyone likes all types, except maybe me. Some people want to escape and other want to be intellectually stimulated. People who like Phantom might hate political or avante garde theatre, and I know for a fact that people who like "artsy" theater usually hate Phantom. I think that is OK. Not everything is for everybody. Like different types of films, different types of theatre have different audiences. My feeling is that they are all valid and can all be good. The question, in my mind, is did they achieve their goal.