Thursday, February 7, 2008

Putting things into motion

Today in class I found it difficult to "open the bottle," although it was a good learning experience. While I was unable to completely visualize the bottle, I did allow some real life actions to take place in the aftermath of trying to "see" what I was trying to open. One other major thing that I believe will be a point of improvement in the future is the idea of keeping a close eye on length, width, and height; among other dimensions, of the hypothetical objects I am trying to move throughout class. All in all I think that there is much to be learned for me personally in the future of acting, although I am certain that I am going in the right direction.


last night I played in a poker game. I have not played in a long time and I almost forgot exactly how much acting is involved in the game. you have to be able to both act and be able to determine when people are acting as well. I wa bluffed a few times so I was playing with some pretty good actors, or im just not that good at poker. either way it relates to our class well.

Tuesday's class

Man was Tuesday's class difficult, at least for me anyways. I guess I have to concentrate more which is what I was trying to do the second time with the remote control. The game that we've played in two classes now is also very entertaining and takes a lot of concentration for the person guessing.

sweat the small stuff

Lately in my life I have been hanging out with two different sets of people I mean don't get me wrong it's not like one group doesn't know about the other like i'm carrying on some illicit affair but other than meeting at the bar for a drink the two groups basically are just that two separate groups and this probably makes sense.

I sparked up this friendship with someone a little older than me (lets leave it at that) and by default she introduced me to her friend and her sister and other people in town who are older than me and we're not talking like 40 or 50 years old but they're older. the sister of the friend has two kids and is married and the friend is on her way to moving with her significant other. My other set of friends i have known forever, my age we basically do everything together because we are always around each other

yesterday I hung out with both groups at different points in the day and the difference between how the older group deals with things as opposed to the younger the things that matter to me and my friends my age don't matter to them anymore, it's kind of trivial. my younger group got into an arguement that was so long and stupid (it really was) that it ruined the end of the day. it really made me realize how much growing up i still had left.

thats it really, thats all i had to say something i observed..... yea and i love being the last to post we're cool right Fab? let me know if this cool don't be shisty with the points. do you even read these? hello? give me proof that you read these I have my suspicions


So I was pretty stoked that in class on Tuesday, Fabio had some good things to say about the acting I had done. Like picking the coinage off of the ground... its amazing how the simplest tasks can be so hard to do if you are not actually doing them. That's really all I had to say about our last class, hope we have a good one tomorrow as well.
Yesterday,I was watching a movie with some friends and they were complaining about how bad the acting was by one of the characters. I hadn't even really thought about whether or not they were doing a good job, I just believed them automatically. I guess I am somewhat naive and gullible to acting in movies. Once I payed more attention, I, too, realized the actor was quite fake. I need to start applying the things we are learning in class to movies and real-life, and stop just giving actors such an easy job and believing them blindly.

My Fav!!!

I have come to the conclusion that one of my favorite things about this class is how much we get to use our creativity. Just coming up with random ideas on the spot can be the start of some very interesting activities. (If you get my drift!)