Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hearing exercise for acting

For the hearing exercise today I decided to go to the student center and listen to the surrounding sounds. I was located in the fireplace lounge and I was able to hear the wind rustle outside the windows at times when there was little other noise around. I also found that the air ducts at times where quite loud in contrast to the quite back round when there was no one around. Occasionally there were a group of people or a individual that would walk by and I could hear their shoes squeak. Another thing that I noticed was that there was never really any true silence and in fact there was always something around that would replace the previous sound. Along with the group of people or the individual people that walked by I also noticed a piano playing in the back round at times, which was surely coming form the piano lounge.
In conclusion I feel that there were many things that I was able to hear during this listening activity that will hopefully improve my acting abilities in the future. Trying to hear some of the more subtle back round sounds, I believe, will become of greater value to me, through future acting activities in class.

Acting is not easy

I honestly did not realize how difficult it could be to ACT! it is much more than a change of clothes and voice, but rather a brief change in your own lifestyle to incorporate that of the character your portraying. I realized that today in class i was actually nervous about stepping out of my comfort zone and opening up to the true mood of the class. I did however enjoy the free for all feeling i got when first walking into the class I think it's going to be one class that I enjoy a great deal!

People Watching

People watching in convo is actually somewhat of a hobby of my friends and I- it is interesting to observe how people behave, their moods, each individual's uniqueness. Yesterday I made it a point to sit back and really watch the people as they stood in line and went about getting their food. I noticed how animated many people are, and how greatly expressions can vary. It was quite easy to tell the moods of different people, and how they interacted with those around them. I could see the difference in personal space between groups of friends and groups of strangers. I'll probably keep doing this exercise just for fun!