Thursday, April 17, 2008


Today in class i thougth was good learning, Fabio does a good job helping people with their scenes. Ted had to leave so we couldnt do ours today! We will be ready to go on tuesday! see everyone then...


I thought going through our final scene was really fun on Tuesday. Being given direction and criticism made the scene come together a lot better than i think it would have without it. All hail Fabio!

greek week

greek week champs again. lip sync was amazing. I had such a good time on stage. it was such a fun experience to have the crowd cheering for all of us. everyone was going nuts it was amazing. now I am pretty sick and lost my voice. I hate it
So this will be a quick blog because I had to kick a poor guy off the computer in order to type this and I feel bad that we can't do our group project because I'm so selfish I have to use the computer for my own personal gain. Okay so I don't have anything to say. I think our class is really good at playing creepers, for example especially, Kevin, Zach, and now Molly. We may not be able to be serious at all times but at least we can be creepy. Okay I'm done now. Oh yeah Delon, we need to get together ASAP and practice our jailhouse rock scene. I'll see you all in a hot minute.

Tuesday's Class

I'm glad that I finally got to go yesterday and it was a blast. I'm hoping to get even more ideas to make it even better, but I think I've finally figured out what Fabio's been explaining to us all semester. The substance exercise helped a lot with this: focus. I was trying to really focus on the fact that I was a coke head and not trying to remember what I was going to say or do. I had a lot of trouble with this concept in the beginning of the semester and would constantly try to think of my actions before I would do the scene. I'm looking forward to seeing the scenes the third time around.
I think its funny the way that my characters always end up being weird in some way... its nothing like me at all, maybe thats why i choose to do the things that i do in class, just to be different. But I really enjoyed doing the touch all exercise and getting to do our final in front of him too. Now its just putting it all together and finishing work for all my other classes, and I'm outta here! woohoo

-The end