Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I never really thought before about how hard it would be to show others how old you are just by your actions and behavior. Also I believe that many people behave extremely different at different ages so it is almost impossible to try and act a different age without being stereotypical. By the way I hate stereotypes.

No Class

So, I just found out that we won't be having class today, which really sucks. Hopefully we will have class again Thursday. That game that we played last thursday wiz-bang was quite enjoyable. One of the better ice breaker games I've seen. So I was watching terminator last night, and I didn't really buy some of the acting done by Summer Glau (the robot girl named Cameron) This could have been the point considering she was robotic, but either way I found myself laughing at her attempt to being excited .
So since we don't have class tomorrow... err today, I'm pretty disappointed. Although one thing I did tonight was watch a bit of the WWE on tv. It was pretty funny to watch wrestling again after not watching for so long. I only could stand the last ten minutes of it, but I laughed almost the whole time. It was a match that was just so long and drawn out, both of the guys apparently had been fighting in the ring for 30 minutes or so... That's what it seemed like, every move and every hit took both of them to the floor. And I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next. I really want to try and watch more of it next week... its hilarious. haha