Thursday, January 24, 2008

Class Today

I really enjoyed class today. One of the main reasons is that i think we are all starting to become comfortable with eachother which makes activities like we do in class a lot easier to get through. I thought the mirroring activity with our partners was really cool, it was a hard at times to keep a straight face, but i had alot of fun with it. And obviously the tug-of-war act that we did seemed so cool from my seat and not to hard, but clearly with me that wasn't the case! lol oops! But i still had a lot of fun, and am really happy that we participate and are anxious especially during the activity we had to do when one person started the scene or whatever and everyone else just jumped in that was a lot of fun! Well have a good weekend, and i will see everybody in class on tuesday!


Okay I'm going to go back to my Pizza Hut example because I don't eat at convo so it would be hard to do that exercise. Okay here is my assumption, people eat far too much, far too quickly, and with less than desirable manners. Yesterday at work it was buffet night and people acted like if they didn't fill their plate with every kind of pizza on the buffet there would be none left. So not only are they eating obscenely too much food they also manage to chew with their mouths open and make messes on the tables and floors with no thought to the work it will take others to clean up their mess when they leave. Not only that but everyone has their elbows on the table and do not even get me started on how people eat spaghetti. I just want to ask the people if they have ever heard of a spoon. Really we don't need a 6 foot long train on spaghetti going towards your mouth. But here is the real kicker. These people come to the buffet, eat practically everything, make a huge mess, act totally rude, and then have the nerve to complain about the price or the selection of pizza on the buffet.

Eating Exercise

I did my eating exercise yesterday in the eagles nest. And i surprised myself at exactly how fast I eat. I always think that i need to hurry because i have class in an hour, but it only took me 15 minutes to eat my chicken tenders. However, the other day when we acted out the restaurant scene, my actions weren't believable at all. In the scene in class, I would be constantly eating non stop and would barely open up my mouth to fully taste or savor the food. I also probably would have spilled my drink on my lap because of the rapid motion that I picked it up. Its amazing how many of these simple details we forget about when we're trying to act out an scene. I always feel like I need to show the audience the action I'm doing. I realize this doesn't make the action authentic and it becomes forced.

So fast....

everything we have become accostumed to we don't pay attention to so when i was considering the act of eating i really had to slow down my movements and really focus on what i was doing. It was actually interesting to consider the the things you do in everyday live in a frame by frame scenario.
side note.... i have never really been into blogging, and lets face it we kinda have no choice, but i have never been asked the question "have you posted" it kinda shows the way we rely on technology nowadays


Ok, so for the eating activity I really just had to pay attention to what I eat. It's hard watching someone else eat if you're not around someone else eating. But what I found is that I too don't really pay attention to what I'm eating. It's a shoveling motion into my mouth and being more focused on what I'm going to do afterwards. It's good but bad at the same time, I can go out and buy the cheap things at the grocery store, that may taste terrible, but hey! it fills me up. But those cheap things probably aren't the best for my body. I might try and pay more attention now to how I eat, even slowing down in real life can help a lot, not just with acting.

The Wonderful World of Eating

While in convo the other day I decided to do my observation and check out what was going on around me and what others were doing. First off I eat lunch with my teammates, who are pretty much all guys. So you can imagine kind of what I went through. These are bigger guys so when they go to eat lunch they have what most people eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in one sitting. Also they do not eat food but inhale food and chewing most definitely does not occur. To every one of your 5 bites, that equals one of theirs. I know what your thinking and yes I put myself through this three times a day voluntarily. And it all comes down to this, eating with them is like eating with a big Italian family that hasn't seen each other in months. We laugh and tell stories and generally just enjoy ourselves. So pretty much meals for me aren't for just refueling the body, they are a time for catching up, laughing, and having a great time with some pretty ridiculous people.