Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Acting Class Object Movement

During the last acting class there were several important things I learned. The first major thing I discovered was that it is extremely difficult to move an object unless you are really able to "see" it. Although it might seem easy to move an invisible box for example there was an extreme amount of difficulty in this task since I was unable to picture the box completely. Specifics such as figuring out what was in the box, what color was the box, what kind of movements the box would make to adjust to holding it. All of these details I will have to be more conscious of in the future.

In conclusion I feel that there is a great amount of concentration that must go into acting in a way that is not only important to the audience viewing the performance but in effect also believable in your own mind. I think that these two main concepts will help me to better experience the process of acting in the future.


Working at applebees sucks!!!! This fits in well with this class because I have to act all the time. I am not allowed to be a jerk to customers when they are jerks to me. I cant cuss, I cant yell. I have to keep this happy face the whole time just to I can earn money. I really just want to vent. I hate work and today was my first day back and I never want to again. I work wed thurs and fri so if anyone wants to be my friend come in and sit in my section.

no title cause I can't think of one

Ok this is just a thought I had while I'm sitting here late at night with a bowl of corn chex (yummy stuff). Have you guys ever met someone and realized that they are just trying to hard to be accepted and not just being themselves. Well I tried to think of that in terms of class and realized that sometimes I may try and be better than what I actually am. Perhaps we all would be better suited to just be more of ourselves and let whatever happen happen instead of trying so hard to do something that we think will be interesting. And while I understand that part of acting is trying to make someone believe you are someone or something you can always tell when people are trying to hard. Just think of the last movie you watched, was anyone trying to hard to be the character or was it easy for them. I think alot is to be learned from just being yourself and adding your own personal flare to whatever you are doing.


I had basketball games tonight in the rec center and alot of people do some acting to try and get a foul called and most of it is bad acting. we won one and lost one of our games!

Hi there

So dinner tonight was entertaining. I've always thought college was just as if not more clickish than high school. I know a lot of you if not everyone has seen the movie Mean Girls. In it they label where everyone sits in the cafeteria. Well tonight at dinner I sat with a few baseball players. No one had said anything for a bit and randomly someone just asked, "What the heck is going on here? Why are all the normal people sitting on this side? No one did that last year." They then proceeded to explain where each of the different sports teams sit around the cafeteria (football and baseball on the thin side of the salad bar, basketball by the tray spinny thing, cross country in the back, and so on). They also labeled a few other groups like frats and theatre kids. They made it rather humorous so I laughed, but even some of the most ridiculous things you see in movies really can be true (except for absolutely ridiculous things like this lizard-like thing I'm currently watching on the SciFi channel, he just flew across the sky and ate someone's face, I'd like to see that really happen so they could get a better idea of how to show it in a movie).


I was just thinking how focused one has to be in order to be able to act on stage. For me simply "seeing" or "hearing" something requires a lot of concentration and I am actually thankful that the class is in the morning because otherwise I don't know whether I would be able to be that attentive to everything. It's easy taking acting as a class when one can actually pick the time that best suits him/her but I wonder what happens when that one has to actually go on stage and it is not the best time of the day for him or her. A lot of jobs become a habit. Doing the same thing over and over again does not really require any specific effort or concentration after a certain period of time. Acting seems to be different every single time. I wonder whether one can actually get used to acting...
Someone who wrote a blog right before mine made a very astute comment. You cannot act as though the wind is blowing. This makes me think as to what someone can actually ACT as. So many of us try to come off a certain way to certain people. Others usually see right through the facade, and in class we always talk about how we have to see, or listen, or whatever it is, we must actually live what we are doing. So is the only way by which someone can act differently than they truly are to be through tricking the mind into actually believing something is true?

Ohio Weather

I love how last night I walked back to my room from working out in the rec center with a tank top on and I was comfortable. Then I wake up this morning to, I swear, sub-zero temperatures and one hundred mile per hour wind. Cool. So I was thinking about it and I realized it seems like you can't really act like it's windy. I mean, you can wear makeup to make you look freezing, and you can shiver and wrap your arms around your body, etc... but you can't fake your hair and clothes blowing and, unless you're an amazing actor, your eyes watering etc... I guess in movie sets they actually have to simulate the wind, while the temperature remains normal?

Critics and the Business World

Being a business major I am going to have to make decisions out in the workplace that I am going to have to stand by that are going to be popular to some and hated by others. This is similar to a movie and critics: even if you think that you have made the perfect movie, there are critics that are going to think it was a great movie and others that will think it stunk. But thats how life is, and you know that the minute that the decision you made satisfies everyone, you know you've made the wrong one