Wednesday, January 30, 2008

no title cause I can't think of one

Ok this is just a thought I had while I'm sitting here late at night with a bowl of corn chex (yummy stuff). Have you guys ever met someone and realized that they are just trying to hard to be accepted and not just being themselves. Well I tried to think of that in terms of class and realized that sometimes I may try and be better than what I actually am. Perhaps we all would be better suited to just be more of ourselves and let whatever happen happen instead of trying so hard to do something that we think will be interesting. And while I understand that part of acting is trying to make someone believe you are someone or something you can always tell when people are trying to hard. Just think of the last movie you watched, was anyone trying to hard to be the character or was it easy for them. I think alot is to be learned from just being yourself and adding your own personal flare to whatever you are doing.

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