Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hi there

So dinner tonight was entertaining. I've always thought college was just as if not more clickish than high school. I know a lot of you if not everyone has seen the movie Mean Girls. In it they label where everyone sits in the cafeteria. Well tonight at dinner I sat with a few baseball players. No one had said anything for a bit and randomly someone just asked, "What the heck is going on here? Why are all the normal people sitting on this side? No one did that last year." They then proceeded to explain where each of the different sports teams sit around the cafeteria (football and baseball on the thin side of the salad bar, basketball by the tray spinny thing, cross country in the back, and so on). They also labeled a few other groups like frats and theatre kids. They made it rather humorous so I laughed, but even some of the most ridiculous things you see in movies really can be true (except for absolutely ridiculous things like this lizard-like thing I'm currently watching on the SciFi channel, he just flew across the sky and ate someone's face, I'd like to see that really happen so they could get a better idea of how to show it in a movie).

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