Thursday, April 10, 2008

so i'm gonna keep this short and sweet since i still haven't left my house to come to school. i'm crazy worried about our final skit because delon and i still really have no clue. i believe we decided on being in jail and i'm the repeat offender and delon is the officer. other than that its all sorts of up in the air. not to mention i feel terrible and hoped that i would be able stay in bed today but realized that i can't without it adversely affecting my grade so here i am doped up on meds just hoping i live to make it another day. I'll see you all in class in a hot minute

Tuesday's Class

How funny was it to see John acting high:) I love the creativity that flows when were in class it gives everyone the opportunity to be someone other than themselves and thats always fun:)


I just wanted to say im sad to see this class come to an end. I know we still have a lot of time left but not really. This class has been very fun to me and I think to everyone else as well. I might not be a great actor but I think this class has helped me with my everyday life. I think I have more confidence to get up and speak in front of large groups. I think that showed with my appearence at Mr. University. I sang and spoke in front of about 400 people and it didnt really phase me. I think this is because of the confidence that was built by our class work


So I really enjoy these scenes we've been doing with the chalkboard. People are hilarious and everyone has been ad-libbing such funny lines. We do sound so much better when we don't try too hard to think about out our next action. It's much more natural and makes it funnier.

Being in the Momen

I've learned through the semester that this concept of being in the moment is so critical and allows actors characters to come to life and be believable. If an actor, or us for that matter tries to think about what we're going to say or do, it becomes evident and fake to the audience. However, If they are truly portraying a character, the audience believes them to be that character. Because they're reactions reflect those of the character and not of the actor.

Stay Cool Fool

i am finding it really hard to turn this nothing script into a believable performance. despite this fact the progress that John and Chris made on their scene was awesome. with that said hopefully tomorrow fab fabio will help us out knowing me and amanda we will probably end up dancing around the place who knows
in an unrelated topic my computer was stolen last week and it sucks. I'm basically using this blog as a vehicle to vent my frustration but I'm trying to stay cool fool which has become my motto these days. so keep an eye out for a broke down dell computer that shouldn't have been stolen anyway seeing as it's not worth anything any more. theives are assclowns
Sorry I couldn't be there the other day everybody, and miss out on all the joy that this class gives me... I've been really sick the past couple days and couldn't even drag myself out of bed until late. But I will be there tomorrow, have no fear. That is if anyone was having fear in the first place for me. :-D Alright peace