Monday, February 18, 2008

So this weekend some of my friends from Columbus came up to visit and go to the Big Band Dance sponsored by my old high school. I played in the bands that played this event for 4 years so it was so weird for me to go back and watch these kids play the same songs I played up there just two years ago. This brought back alot of crazy memories from the crazy long rehersals leading up to the event, to the fun I had playing. But it also reminded me why I'm glad I no longer was in the band, the pain associated with playing this gig was intense and I remember by our third set acting trying to keep a smile on my face as my fingers hurt more and more as I played each song on my bass. So I realized that I did a pretty good job of acting because no one except the band members and my parents knew I was in as much pain as I was in.
Looking back on it now I wonder why I even did it but I guess my joy of playing was more important than the pain it sometimes caused me. I guess the same could be said with acting. Sometimes the rejection a person could get is less important to them then just doing what they love.

Moving Objects

I was thinking about the moving object excercise because I couldn't really believe it when people said they thought we were folding and moving laundry. I guess I was just doing things quickly because I am used to dealing with suitcases and the procedure is more than familiar to me. Also, I imagine that it is a lot easier for people to guess what the person acting is doing if he/she is doing something they have done. For example, the ice moving was completely unfamiliar to me and I didn't really know what was going on. Well, I guess not that very many people weigh their bags 100 times before travelling....I do!

Thursdays Class

the wiz, bang activity that we do in class everyday is one of my favorite ones yet. It is fun because it forces us to think quickly on our feet, while adding more to the game by forcing us to sit out if we mess up.

Moving Objects

Although the last class had several difficult exercises such as trying to move an object that was full, then emptying it and carrying it again. Although this sounds easy in theory I found in practice it was much more difficult. Although I have room for improvement, I believe that there will be other exercises that I can use to improve my acting abilities.


so i really like class; its such a relief from everything else. It lets me let go of everything else and be something different. A couple weeks ago I actually was pretty sick and getting up and moving around helped a lot. I can't wait until we start doing lines. We have a lot of funny people in the class and I think it is going to be really interesting.

Thursday's Class

Thursday's class was interesting, its funny to see how we are all given the same assignment and how different the outcome is with all of our different personalities. I really enjoy that aspect of class.

class thursday

it was nice being back in class on thursday, i have to say i did miss it on tuesday! i hope everyone had a good weekned, i went home and saw my brothers hockey game so that was exciting! well i will c u all n class tomorrow! byeee :)
On Thursday, I was finally able to make it back to class. It was interesting because I realized how strange it felt to be in class again. Each class really does build on itself, and to not be in class for a while, does not really help you very much. Very different from other classes where if I missed two, it really would not make a difference. I found it quite fascinating.