Thursday, March 20, 2008

the exercises that we did today in class were new and i liked them. They provided a chanllege, like trying to keep a constant height of a surface. I beleive that these will help us alot tho in our final presentation.

stuck in a submarine

Pretending to be stuck in a submarine was a new experience for me. I think that if i were really stuck in a submarine that was under water i have freaked out a bit more and probably started hitting and kicking things. I can get a little claustrophobic though. I think this scene we have to do for the final will be fun. It will be fun to our own little twist on a dialog.


I think that the open ended scenes will be a challenge as well as being alot of fun I know Fabio said we were making a lot of improvement but I felt like I struggled with being in a room with the walls closing in yea that kinda sucked sorry guys. well i havent showered yet and class starts in a bit so I guess I should get ready knowing me I will probably be late. I'll see you guys there OH Melanie's Birthday was yesterday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELANIE
Hey guys, its awesome we've been making noticeable improvements in our acting. I'm gonna go ahead and chalk this one up to everyone really getting used to each other, I think being more comfortable in front of the group is contributing to how well we're doing in class. As for the final, I'm thinking this will be a unique adventure, and I'm looking forward to finishing it.


I missed class on tuesday but from what everyone is posting i think i might have a clue whats going on, hopefully im not too far behind and maybe someone could tell me about the final! see everyone today.
What Fabio said about everyone making improvments is very true. I noticed how big of strides we have made as a class and it is nice to see that even as the exercises get more complex, that we dont have a problem with them.

Tuesday's class

Like Fabio said we're all improving and you can tell and its exciting to see. I'm kind of bummed that we haven't played wiz bang in awhile and i hope we get to play it at the beginning of class today. I'm excited about learning the lines for the final and making a good final showing. I'm trying to incorporate everything I learned in class to make it great. See ya guys in class
Over spring break I watched a ton of movies. While I was watching these movies I found myself critiquing the actors and whether or not I really believed them. A lot of the movies I thought were completely believable. Some, especially when I would watch a couple movies with the same actor, I found to be a little absurd. I love this class, but watching some of my favorite movies and critiqing them is not cool. I'm ruining some of my favorite movies.


The trapped exercise was very entertaining. I think what made it interesting for me was watching people frist realize that they were trapped then trying every way possible to get out. Then after they could not figure any other way to get out, it was neat to see how they reacted to the situation.

I think that everyone is doing better because we all had a break to walk away and refocus. I think that everyone is really trying to be true to the situation and not try so much to show us what is going on, as much as actually trying to take themselves to the situation.