Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Talking When Necessary

I really enjoyed class today, there's always some sort of spin or twist on a situation that allows for entertainment to peak through our class periods. It was fun today to see everyones creative thoughts and ideas spiral into the different roles we came up with to act out.


my weekend was filled with fun from my fraternity formal, the food was good the dance was good and everything was overall good. It was a good weekend

no idea

trying to think about something to write but I really cant think about anything that relates to class, sorry. This weekend my fraternity had our formal and it was sweet. rented hotel rooms and had a big party. It was great to spend time with my brothers and all my friends. I know this does not really apply to class but we sang songs I think that has something to do with acting.


I get a kick out of the whix bang game, and the newest addition of "Bowl" and "Strike" where pretty kick ass. I thought the assignment we were all working on was kind of fun too. I haven't got to go yet, but that's what today is for i suppose. So i got to see the new Knight Rider show the other night. I thought it was pretty good other than the car was now a mustang, i was kind of turned off by that. The car was cool though and had a bunch of new gadgets which were sweet. The new Micheal that is driving the car now is pretty sweet too, he is the kick ass now and take names later kind of character, which worked really well.
I went to bed at 9 so now I can't sleep. I've been feeling ill and it feels like my nose if falling off my face I'm also hungry and was not offered Taco Bell. I watched No Country for Old men tonight for the second time the end is a little confusing. i thought it was weird that there was no music throughout the entire film it made the movie more tense if you ask me


I love playing the whiz bang game, it is such a blast. i think I am going to have to teach my family how to play and since we have a ton of relatives it should be a blast!! I honestly could spend the whole time in class playing and coming up with new things to add. I think the only thing that I would change is I wish people would go faster, especially when we start to kick people out of the game.
We had our last regular season basketball game tonight and we got mercied to a team that we barely lost to the first time. It made me so mad- I am horrible at basketball, but very, very competitive. It's an awful combination. One of our best girl players couldn't come so I had to play the entire time, and I got really into it. I'm sure I was acting a little too serious for an intramural game, and it got pretty heated, but I couldn't really help it. It's hard to act like something is not a big deal to you when you're so passionate about it. (Or competitive!)