Friday, April 25, 2008

i agree with ross entering and exiting was alot harder than it seemed and i also enjoyed chris's running away from godzilla. cant wait to see what we're going to do this week.


Entering and Exiting a door isnt as easy as i thought it was going to be....but chris running away from Godzilla was amazing, i thougth godzilla was right outside the door and wanted to eat chris....see ya tuesday

Final Acting Project

During the last acting class, there seemed to be a great deal of improvement in terms of the emotion displayed on stage. I believe throughout each week of practice, the is a more genuine and authentic quality to the acting displayed. While there is much more to do for me personally, concerning the final project, there seems to be a vast improvement in the acting abilities of the class overall.

one act festival

i reall enjoyed the one act festival...much more than i enjoyed the dead man walking play. i think what made them more enjoyable for me was the humor. it kept me interested bc if you didnt pay attention to the lines you'd completely miss a joke which i did miss a couple of them, but the ones i got were hilarious! well one more week of classes! see you all next week!