Thursday, April 24, 2008

what up

one acts are gonna be great. I wish I ould have tried to be in them. I have a few friends who are. sometimes I wish I would have tried to do more with acting in highschool and in college becuase it is really fun.


These exercises were really neat and it was kind of amazing that in all honesty, we act different depending on our location. We all did a great job with this as well and made our locations clear for the rest of the class. I'm looking forward to class today and hoping that Keith and I will get to do our scene again


While in class on Tuesday, I was able to realize that there were several different aspects of acting that ultimately required a certain level of self reflection in order to create a successful acting display for the audience. One major difficulty I had, was my ability to use proper tone when reading my lines. I believe that tomorrow I will be able to create a better and more believable atmosphere on stage, that will hopeful help me to draw the audience into my performance through by the correct use of speech and gestures.
I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the skits go for the third time tomorrow in class. The first few have really came a long way, and I am really learning a lot just watching everyone else go and listening to the suggestions given, etc... This class, honestly, never gets boring.

One Act Festival

The one act festival tonight was kinda cool. I really enjoyed the second performance, which was "am I blue." I really liked the plot of it and I could see the relationship of the two actors develop from strong dislike to a care for each other.