Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dead Man Walking

so i guess im kind of excited to go see dead man walking tonight, even though im not much of a play guy...ive heard good things about it and im excited to see how it turns out and maybe i will be able to spot somethings in the play that I piced up in class from exercises we do.


well I feel like I have to be an actor all the time now. im always mad because I have so much stuff due in all my classes since it is mid term week. but I cant express my anger because nobody did anything to make me mad. I have to act like I am happy and not pissed all the time. It is tough to do but im getting good at it.
i must commend Keith on his excellent igloo it looks pretty sweet I wish I liked this cold weather I might have helped. In relation to this subject I saw the hugest snow man ever yesterday. I'm a little never to be at the bus stop today just because my occupation is going to be hard show the class without being extra obvious about but i'll make it work

Igloo success!

So in my last blog i talked about wanting to build an igloo... Well Zach, my other roommates, and I built this puppy in about 3 1/2 hours on tusday. It is freaking sweet! It is cool to see different peoples reactions when they first see something so damn rediculous lol but it makes it worth it

Job Occupations

So Tuesday's bus stop routine was fairly difficult, especially without being able to talk. It took a lot of concentration to show the different emotions and physical appearance of the person we were trying to be. Being alert and tired at the same time kind of difficult, but I'll take everybody's advise and try to do better next time. Its amazing how certain people act at a bus stop based on their age or occupation. Or I should say could act. But this is something I've never even paid attention to before. I also find myself being more critical of actors when I watch a movie. Before, I just watched the movie and approved of it if I enjoyed the plot. Now, I notice certain actors "overacting" and it does take away from the movie slightly. See ya guys in class!
last class when we did the bus stop exercise is always one of my favorite exercises that we do...even tho the last class I got teared apart by the audience cuz i did it completly wrong haha


i tried posting all last night and it would not let me! so i cant even remember what to put this time bc im justhoping that this works before class!!! well i hope everyone has had a good week so far..cya in class


I think it is very hard to show what occupation you are when you have no words or props to use in your scene. You really have to work hard to not try and be obvious by showing everyone what you are, but just being. Alot of times if we try and pretend to be someone else we try too hard and act with too much overkill. Also I think to make this activity work you have to realize that this could just be one scene out of many and you don't want to overkill one scene, when in the others it might become very obvious of who you are and what you do.

The Difference of a Sex Worker and a Football Player

So on Tuesday me and keith spent our entire afternoon building an igloo in our backyard. Its pretty sweet, took us about 3 and a half hours and its pretty solid now. It's big enough to fit four of us guys in it sitting around the edges. Uhm, other than that... nothing really else is sweet. I'm glad that class on tuesday pointed out to me that the difference between and Sex Worker and Professional Football player is the amount of actions that are out in front of view. I was actually just trying to be as cocky and arrogant as I could, but it ended up looking too sexy... yeah I get that a lot. Well, sorry I can't be there tomorrow to share in all the joy, as I'm going home for a service for my great grandmother, and won't be back until later in the afternoon...


So, I just got done playing a basketball game (actually a couple of hours ago) with Molly in which we lost. I've thought about this before since I've played ball my whole life, but I think it's interesting to see how a person's attitude changes when they're in a different role. Sports require a lot out of you and a completely different mindset. Off the floor I'm generally pretty nice. I joke around and can be serious sometimes, but I'm completely different on the court. I get serious and want to hurt people. I know that probably sounds psycho, but it's true. In junior high I was thrown out of a game for hitting a girl and I broke another girl's arm (technically not entirely my fault, she ran into me when I was setting an amazing pic). But, I've been hurt too. I dislocated my jaw and hit it back in during the game just so I could keep playing. Your personality changes and you become a person you're not in your normal life. In high school I learned how to hide my cheap hits and "punish" people without the refs seeing. I did that tonight too, but they were (I would like to put a bad word here but I won't) and annoying. I just can't imagine being a viewer who really doesn't know anything about sports watching people behave this way. Someone trying to act this out who was never involved in sports would be even more difficult, I think.