Monday, February 11, 2008

Just a collection of things

So I just got done checking my email and found that we don't have class tomorrow. I'm not happy about it in the sense that I do really like this class and feel I have a lot to learn. However the other side of me is excited that we don't have class just because sometimes you need a day off. With the weather turning bad right now I was stressing out having to drive into class tomorrow since I am a commuter but now I feel more at ease knowing I can stay in the safety of my home. So enough on my feelings on the weather.

I watched the grammy's last night and I really excited about seeing John Mayer on. I just think he is amazing and has a way to really making you believe what he feels when he sings. I had the privilege of seeing him in concert goodness almost a year ago now I believe and he was amazing. I was so caught up in everything around me that I think at one point I cried. I will say I didn't but those who went with me said that I did. Oh well the jury is out on that one.

Hopefully we will see you all Thursday.
So I just found out that my room mate- one of my best friends- JUST broke up with her boyfriend of like a week over the big one year! It was pretty much a complete shock to me. I had no idea that she was going to do it. I mean, yea, Willie was a little crazy and possessive and jealous, but I never caught on that she was getting THAT annoyed. My other room mate, however, said she had a feeling it was coming. Steph is really quiet but hilarious and sarcastic when she does talk, because she just sits back and takes things in. I think I'm going to try and be more observant like Steph, because she is very good at observing people and determining accurate interpretations of their feelings and actions. Maybe I, too, could have caught on to the drama that was unfolding around me a little sooner...

The Grammys

I watched the Grammys for the first time in a long time last night and to my surprise I really enjoyed them. I thought there were some really good performances. I loved Tina Turner and Beyonce, as well as Alicia Keys and John Mayer. I'm always skeptical about award shows because sometimes they can be worse than watching a bad movie with all the bad commentary and introduction speeches that come along with them, but this time it was tolerable to me:)


So i was sitting here about to blog about some funny reactions i saw on students faces when there was a pop quiz in a class of mine, but i happened to see a trailer for the new movie Step Up 2: The Streets. This caught my attention becuase of the acrobatics and the dancing that the characters were doing. Now i am not into movies of this sort and don't care for trendy things of the sort, but i continued to watch to see what the acting was like in the few scenes they showed with actual acting. Now i am no where near a professional actor or critic, but as a media major i have developed an annoying habit of paying attention to minute details. In this case, it seemed as if the director was more concerned with the actors ability to dance over their ability to act. I found this kind of funny becuase I think that the success of a story hinges on the ability of the actors to portray it.


Last week I was not able to make it to class at all. Thursday I went to CPAC where I was able to see all the republican candidates and President Bush speak. From an acting point of view, it is unbelievable the way that the politicians will feed off of the audience and the audience feeds off the speaker. I dont think that the audience sometimes realizes what the speakers are doing. The speaker would intentionally raise his voice and start to speak louder whenever he wanted the audience to applaud and go insane. However, whenever the audience would react unexpectedly the speaker would have to adjust to the circumstances. It was fascinating.