Monday, February 11, 2008


So i was sitting here about to blog about some funny reactions i saw on students faces when there was a pop quiz in a class of mine, but i happened to see a trailer for the new movie Step Up 2: The Streets. This caught my attention becuase of the acrobatics and the dancing that the characters were doing. Now i am not into movies of this sort and don't care for trendy things of the sort, but i continued to watch to see what the acting was like in the few scenes they showed with actual acting. Now i am no where near a professional actor or critic, but as a media major i have developed an annoying habit of paying attention to minute details. In this case, it seemed as if the director was more concerned with the actors ability to dance over their ability to act. I found this kind of funny becuase I think that the success of a story hinges on the ability of the actors to portray it.

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