Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I just thought i would blog this time about running. I have to go run for soccer in about 45 minutes and im not excited! Mainly because although it was rather warm earlier, its starting to get colder! eww!! Umm about class today, that small object and difficulty thing was rather difficult. When i got up there the difficult part for me was going to be trying to get the contact in my eye, little did i know i would have such a difficult time OPENING the case lol! Well see you all on thursday!!!


So as many of you know we had a pretty bad thunderstorm here last night but as many of you don't know I'm extremely afraid of thunderstorms. So at 3:13AM when I heard the first clap of thunder I immediately was freaking out. But now that the storm seems to be over this morning I'm left wondering if we are asked to portray fear would I be more believeable if I was brought back to my fear of the storm? Just a little something I thought about. Well I'm off to get ready for class now so I won't be late.


I am Empty today. I am actually at a loss for words alot of people talked about the super bowl and the commercials but i'm over that topic......Class remains interesting to say the least at first the in class exercises seemed tedious to me but i have adapted.......Yea umm I honestly have nothing else to report.....it's a wrap


While I was sitting in Convo today, I noticed that there were several people eating in a unusual way at the table I was sitting at. I started to think that there are very interesting ways to eat food. This I believe is extremely important for acting class, because during each class at some point throughout the last couple of weeks we have been working on trying to re-enact the process of eating, and I am sure that in the future I will be able to replicate some of these new and very interesting eating styles that I was exposed to today.

Super Bowl Commercials

As I analyzed the commercials during the Super Bowl, I decided that there were some that just were not good at all. They didn't give any vital information for their products, they didn't catch anyone's attention, and they certainly haven't been talked about since the game's end. If I were going to pay a million dollars for a thirty second ad, I would make sure that it was going to be remembered and talked about, because that is what would sell my product. Or else, if I was really rich, I'd make an ad about me that's just like, "Hey, I'm Molly. I'm sweet. You should know me." And no one would understand who the random person with the ad was.