Tuesday, April 8, 2008


class was somewhat boring today but its cool to see how someone with the same lines can make a whole skit completely different. Our inside skit with Kevin and I, was funny. Finding out that my employee is now my son and he dates my daughter WHAT!! haha that was fun. see everyone thursday


cant wait to do my scene and see where it takes our ideas. Chris and I have a few ideas of what we are going to do we know who we are, where we are and so on. I have an idea our scene will change like ross and teds did. that is very fun to me, no knowing what is going to happen and just going with it. im excited!!!!!!!

Final Acting Project

It was great watching both Ted and Ross and John and Iva with their final projects and the improvements that have occurred. I didn't think that any of the four tried to force a trait or idea, but were just acting "in the moment" They reacted to each other when something occurred and weren't trying to think about what to say or do. I can't wait to practice my scenes more and get feedback from the rest of class and Fabio to make the scene even better
I hate having to drive such long distances, I say this because I had to drive down to Columbus again for a job interview tonight. The only thing that made the drive bearable was that it was so nice i could drive basically the whole way down and back with my windows down. Other than that, it seems like everytime I make that drive it seems to get longer and longer too... I wonder why that is? Well, hope everyone had a great weekend and that we're enjoying this weather, I heard it wouldn't last until the weekend, it would be cold again. :-(


I am so excited that spring is finally coming. I absolutely love spring on campus. Everyone is outside and enjoying the weather. The flowers are in full bloom and are absolutely beautiful. The only way I make it through the winter without going crazy is knowing that spring on campus is always so beautiful and amazing!!!!