Thursday, April 3, 2008

todays class was alot of fun. I enjoyed acting out our scene with ross and the different actions...I guess i was having to much tho, since fabio had to deny me during the last exercise from going first haha

class today

Class was fun today, It seems like actions can just appear without even trying. You can make a scene without ever even talking about it with a parter. John and Eva did a real good job today, it would seem that they had scripts, though they didnt. Good job


I think last class showed us the importance of knowing your character and having a background for them. Also I think it is important to have a setting and some sort of confilct figured out. This is what really makes a scene worth watching. It is what gives a scene substance.

Today's Class

I'm so nervous to see what we do with our floor designs today because I think ours is a it outlandish and we just might be embarrassed when he asks us to act out our design. On another note I think my partner and I did a great job of remembering our script for class:)
So I don't really like it when we are asked to do something and I don't know why we are doing it. Sometimes I wish that we could just find out what we are doing while we are doing it not after the fact. As much as I would love to write more it's getting close to that time that I need to leave my house to make it to class on time so I'm gonna jet and get going. See you all in a few.
I am really interested to see what we're doing with the floor designs as well. Our idea is hilarious and I really hope we get to expand on it. As for the final, I'm much more confident about my lines after going through it in class... however I know there is much more work that needs to be done in order to get it to the best it can be.


I am very excited for our final. I am interested to see how everyone is going to do. It was pretty cool to see how people who had the same lines spoke in a completely different manner than on another. I bet things will change around a lot when its time to do the final. I cant wait for whiz bang
5 weeks until the end of the semester and i have a lot of work to do before that 5 weeks is up. lately I have been so frustrated and it's been weighing my mind down. This type of stress always affects my mood and i've been in a shitty mood lately the acting class actually helps me get some of that stress off of my chest and im glad i can get something interesting and awesome out of a day that would normally be mundane and unawesome

there is absolutely nothing on TV at 2:17 AM