Thursday, March 6, 2008

So first things first. I really enjoyed Delon's interpretation of the Safety Dance in his blog. It was amazing!!! But on a serious note, I am glad we are gonna be up and moving around in class today. It's not that I don't enjoy sitting around talking but my lack of sleep right now needs desperately for me to be moving around. Can't wait to see everyone in class and now I should probably get going so I'm not late........again.

Tuesday's Class

it was interesting hearing all the different opinions about the play. I never would have noticed somethings that we discussed that had potential to make the play better or worse. It was refreshing though to hear both the honest positive and negative thoughts about it. I enjoyed our class discussion!

Mr University

Everyone come to mr university tonight. im in it and will be on stage singing. For those of you who do not know what mr university is it is basically a male beauty pagent. The alpha phis put it on to raise awareness abotu womens cardiac care. It should be a real good time to watch a bunch of guys make jack asses of themselves. hope to see you there

Mr University

you can blog if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, cuz if your friends don't blog and if they don't blog then there no friends of mine!

....No but seriously.....In tuesday's class we talked a lot about the play in terms of style and aesthetic value, we also talked about the meaning and central ideas of the production. However I feel as if we did not acknowledge the performances of the cast enough. I thought our fellow students did an excellent job bringing this play to life. its hard to see someone everyday and then see them acting in a play but these guys were great and the dedication they put into the production really showed


So i'm really excited about class today. It seems like it's been awhile since we did a lot of group stuff and I'm really excited about the conversation while eating thing we're suppose to do today. Plus, I have a test before this class and once I get here I know I'll be much more relaxed.

Odds and Ends

The discussion was good Tuesday and I enjoyed hearing what other people thought, but I'm excited to act again and hopefully play wiz bang at the beginning of class. I love that game! The eating exercises that we'll be doing today, I'm not entirely sure what to expect. When actors or actresses eat on TV or in the movies it seems simple enough, but I've learned by now nothing is as easy as it seems. I'm also at a slight disadvantage cause I wasn't here the day for the eating exercise a month or so ago, but I just have to concentrate and actually pretend I have food in front of me and then act naturally in the conversation.