Monday, April 21, 2008

I have decided that my roommates are really good actresses. Every time my boyfriend and I order a pizza, they hang around seeming entirely innocent. Then I come to find out that they've eaten their "fair share" of the slices. They know how much it annoys me (not really that much, but it's fun to exaggerate) and get more and more creative at how they will pull off the stunt no matter how protective of the pizza we try to be. they get the biggest kick out of themselves and their abilities. I guess they are kinda funny...


has anyone seen this movie about playing blackjack? I just recently watched this movie and thought it was done quite well and I really enjoyed it. I won't ruin it for anyone, but just wanted to say that the actors did an excellent job portraying their characters. I myself do not understand blackjack that well, but the movie does a great job of explaining this concept as well. Looking forward to class tomorrow and seeing some more of the final scenes improved.
So this week has really hit me that it is almost the end of the semester and I am really nervous about the final scene. I have 8 million other things going on and trying to do this and everything else is very taxing not only mentally but physically. I've been sick now for what feels like forever but pretty much since the middle of March and because of all my stress and lack of time to relax, it is holding on for dear life. I know this may not sound the best but I'm ready to be done with it all. At first I was a bit apprehensive about being done with this class but now I'm just ready to hit summer and take a break and get better. I admit I have learned a lot about my own abilities but also just not censoring myself as much and letting things just naturally happen. I don't think so much about things and just try to go with the flow rather than map out everything I plan to do. I think this has transcended into my life outside of class. I have begun to care less and less about how things I do are percieved and care more about just doing things that I want to do. It's amazing to me how learning how to act in class has made me not act so much in my real life. Okay I am going to get some more work done now and up again in the morning for lab.

Also note I haven't been late to class in a hot minute. GO ME

Character Bio

Reading the posts commenting on the Thursday class makes me sad that I missed it. It seems like it was interesting. Right now, I am working on my character bio and I have quite a lot of ideas. I changed the scenario three times already and I am really hesitant about what sounds the best. I want it to be creative and yet I would like to keep it real as well. There are so many various backgrounds that I could use for my character and I don't really know which one would be the best. In addition, I am not completely positive how many and what kind of details to include.

Final Scenes

I think the final scenes are coming together really well. I'm surprised to see the intensity in many of our scenes even when there funny, we still give our own and I see the growth that has happen since the beginning of our course. I really have appreciated the different elements that we've learned.

Searching for Space

One major thing that I believe would improve the overall creation of acting on a personal level concerns the use of space. Although I believe that it is easy to do things such as memorize lines, comparably there is a level of difficulty in creating a connection with the different objects on stage. I believe this will ultimately draw the viewers into the performance. If this approach is taken concerning the movement on stage I believe that this will complement the script and in turn provide a more believable production.
I am very glad that everyone enjoys watching the creeper. I will admit, I do enjoy playing one. It is hard though to keep the laser beam on Molly and keep to my lines. I guess its just a matter of practicing and perfecting it.