Wednesday, March 19, 2008

So things have been crazy stressful and I know I should be excited about the final project but right now everything is terribly stressful. I have been given final projects and papers in each one of my classes and with my hectic work schedule I find myself feeling as though I'm swimming in all the work I'm doing. It's nice though that the final for this class is different than anything else. It will help break the monotony of every other class by having something that will be able to stimulate my creativity and hopefully Delon will want to incorporate dance since I think I've made it quite clear that I really like to dance. So I just got home from work and now I'm gonna get a bit of shut eye. See ya'll tomorrow

Final Assignment

I was just looking at the dialogue for the final and I think it might be a little hard. Acting without words requires quite a lot of concentration, and with words it would undoubtedly become even more challenging. I don't really know whether I will be able to use the right intonation for the particular action we are expected to choose for each line of the scene.
For some reason, I have very little to write about right now. So I think that it would be appropriate to find something that I could discuss. Well, March Madness begins tomorrow, which I am looking forward to, and besides all the wonderful basketball that I plan on watching, hopefully there will be some actual educational benefit I can draw from it. Such as, the commercials during the games and the acting which goes on in the commercials. Ya, I am probably grasping at straws, but I guess that with the amount of time I plan on putting into basketball, I may as well make it worthwhile from an acting viewpoint.


During spring break I saw several commericals that I believe showed exceptional acting. Although there are different settings to conduct acting in, I believe that one of my favorite types of acting combines any element of comedy to improve the overall appearance that it gives. While there is certainly great acting in any genre such as tragedy; I feel that overall there is much to be gained in terms of combining humor with a good story line.

In conclusion I feel that while it is important to portray any character that you are attempting to create through acting, there is also some importance in how this is done visually and what type of character you are attempting to portray.