Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I don't know

Okay so I was going to talk about something really awesome tonight but then I went to work and just really need to take some time to rant. So as you all know it snowed, a lot over the last couple of days. So thinking that today would be another normal day of work I walk in to find out that the ceiling over the drive thru is leaking and caving in. It was practically a lake on the floor. So here I am trying to do my best as a server while having water falling on me from ceiling. This was terrible. I personally think we should have shut down but I guess the show must go on. Okay well I'm done ranting and I'm tired from work so I'm going to bed. See you all tomorrow


The class on Thursday was interesting. I really liked the interpretation of the different occupations. The only thing that I found hard was being able to pay attention to the three people waiting at the bus stop at the same time. I think that details are important for one in order for him/her to be able to guess the particular occupation of the person acting, and I definitely missed the details. I tried to focus but if it was one person at a time maybe it would've been a lot easier. I am excited about tomorrow. The occupation I will be trying to represent is quite unfamiliar to me, but I hope people will be able to guess.
On Friday, I will be seeing Dead Man Walking. I know of a few people in the play, and they all say that is it very good, and very deep. Certainly something I am looking forward to. I tend to see many more musicals than plays. This causes difficulty because so many of the musicals are focused more on the music than the deepness of the play itself. Don't get me wrong, I love the music in musicals, but I sometimes enjoy to go to a play for the deeper qualities of it. That is why I love watching Shakespeare so much.

Interpretation of Dead Man Walking

This past weekend I went to see the play Dead Man Walking. I believe that it was an important play in terms of the elements of acting. One important style of acting that I believe the cast was able to relay well, is the idea of creating something that in reality is invisible and making it into a part of the play. For example when the sister and the prisoner were facing the audience during the play; I believe that they were able to create a sense of continuitybetween themselves and the audience. This was done during the scene they acted out a glass window found in the visiting room of jails. Although there was no actual window that was being used as an on stage prop, it was very easy to believe that the two characters were in fact facing each other, although in reality they were sitting side by side.

Snow Day:(

So when I woke up this morning I just knew that it would be a snow day today however, to my surprise we have to walk around in this nasty slush, with cold hands and feet, and red noses. It makes me sad that we have snow days like this:(