Saturday, January 19, 2008

Listening Activity

Yesterday afternoon i laid on my futon and just listened to everything that was going on. First, i couldn't hear anything except myself breathing and the furnace blowing. Then i heard footsteps. Cupboards opening as they squeaked and then the clinging of glass banging together. I also heard the sound of paper being crinkled up. i heard what i thought sounded like a top to a jar being unscrewed but then i kept hearing the sound for about 45 seconds, so i figured it must have been something else, maybe food being scraped out of the bottom of a dish. Then i heard the furnace turnoff and i could hear a clock ticking and i heard a car pass by the house. As i moved on the futon to readjust my positioning, i could also hear that movement. It was amazing that i could hear so many different sounds in just that short of a time frame. Hope everybody has a great weekend! See ya guys tuesday.