Monday, March 3, 2008

Dead Man Walking

I went to the play this past Saturday and I loved it. I can't wait to hear everyones reactions to it. I honestly was not ready to leave the theater yet:)
Tonight I watched the slam dunk contest at the rec center. It was quite entertaining. Contestants were judged on the style, creativity, and strength of their dunk. It was interesting to see what people came up with in later rounds of the contest, as the dunks became more and more skillful. Some of those guys were just so athletic and talented, it was amazing. Yet before the contest there were a bunch of other guys on the floor that were practicing dunks, too. There were two that I just thought were absolutely incredible and were surely going to win, but they were not in the contest. I assumed that they did not enter on time, or, what seems less likely in this case, they did not have the confidence to do so. I always wonder how many truly talented people there are out there, whether in athletics, singing, or even acting, that are undiscovered...

Dead Man Walking Around

I went to the play this last weekend and it wasnt anything i expected it would be. I wasnt ready to see a play so dark and gloomy. I wished i could have had a better experience! Nothing against the actors or ashland theatre department but it just wasnt my cup of tea but i thought the actors did a great job of making the audience believe in their character.

Dead Man Walking

So I finally went and saw the production on saturday and was in kind of a trance when i left. I knew that it was about a guy on death rowe but it made me kind of sad when it was all said and done with. I guess i just didn't mentally prepare myself enough for such a depressing experience. I did think it was a good performance though. The actors did an amazing job and i also liked that did not use props. Kudos to the drama peeps.

Response Paper

I am finally done with the response paper. I thought it would be a lot more difficult to write about my experience at the play than it actually was. I found out that I am not acquainted with a lot of theatre terminology that is needed in order to fully describe the experience of watching Dead Man Walking. But the good thing was that while writing, I realized that I remember a lot of simple details and sometimes even phrases that the actors used. Overall, I am not sure whether I liked the play or not but I have to admit that I certainly enjoyed some particular moments.

Dead Man Walking

I really enjoyed viewing Dead Man Walking on Saturday night... Jon had told us it got kinda emo towards the end but I didn't think it'd be as depressing as I thought. I dunno, maybe I'm just a big baby, haha, but yeah it was depressing. Well I'll be happy to get back into class on Tuesday, hope your all ready for my football player/sex worker look again. Haha
I would also like to discuss Dead Man Walking. I did not think that I would like the play, however, I actually ended up enjoying it quite a bit. I think this was because I thought that what it was going to be was basically a piece for social justice. Even though there was certainly an element of that in the play, I thought it also brought the victims and the families of the victims into the discussion as well. I also went into the play thinking that the multi-media would be harmful to the play, however, I was proved wrong once again. I felt as though the multi-media was necessary and helped with the story quite a bit.

dead man walking

so what i was wondering was how come the cast was so small? was it supposed to be that small with people playing multiple roles (not big roles but like 2 small parts?)? or was there just not so many people who tried out? i liked it though minus the ending bc it wasnt what i thought would happen but then again you cant change a true story!! well we'll see when we talk about it i guess on tuesday! byee