Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I thrive on being the last person to post on this blog...anyway the weekend was good pretty uneventful. the oscars were on and i watched some of it Jon stewart was pretty funny and i had seen a lot of the movies nominated i was really surprised when tilda swinton won but thats what these things are about. it kinda comes across as a popularity contest but when you see dark horses win like Marion cotilliard and Tilda Swinton you respect for the work that they put out there.

Snow Day

So i woke up this morning to a whole crap load of snow and i am really hoping for some kind of snow day. Not really so i don;t have to go to class, which is always sweet, but just becuase i want to go play in it. Last year my roomate and i were built a tunnel in our back yard. So i think this year we are going to try to get an igloo. Wish us luck!
I love watching movies! There are certain movies that are almost like therapy to me. I'm not gonna lie I still love to watch the occasional disney movie now and then and if you tell me that you don't enjoy watching those movies, I know your lying. There are certain movies and actors that just trap you into the plot. for example recently I went and saw P.S. I love you, with Gerard Butler. He is really one of my favorite actors. It is almost like he makes me believe that the character he is playing is what he is really like everyday of his life. I know that it is silly, but it's the best way to describe it.


I watched the oscars the other day. It was a good time to watch these actors be recognized for being masters of their craft. There will be blood if an amazing movie as well as no country for old men. Both movies deserved the rewards they won. I think everyone has some sort of dream to be a movie star. That is why we watch award shows. We like to see fashion on beautiful people, and basically we just like to see life unfold before us. This is why we watch reality shows also.

dead man walking

I went to see the play this weekend, and it was interesting. I liked all of the scripture references and what not, but i did not like the end of the play. But the thing about seeing true story plays or movies is that the ending is how it really is and how it really went and nothing can change about that and that is why i had a hard time with the play. I will see eveeryone in class today hopefully! See you then.

Dead Man Walking

So I went to see the school play dead man walking friday night and it was different then I expected. I've never been into plays, I'd rather watch a movie which is the reason I'd never seen a play before friday. I thought I would fall asleep or just be bored, but I stayed asleep for the entire play. I'm not going to tell anybody what happened in the play thus ruining it, I'll save that information for my paper. The experience changed my feelings on plays though, and I may be more willing to view a play the next time someone offers the opportunity.
Tomorrow I am going to be very tired. I will probably act sluggish. And exhausted. And generally just not myself. I guess that's what a lack of and adequate amount of sleep will do to someone. The real task will be acting like I'm not so tired and paying attention in my classes. Maybe some of them will be canceled because of the snow??