Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It went well

I'm so glad that our scene went well on Tuesday because Amanada and I were so worried that it wouldn't go well at all. We were definitley relieved!

last class

i cant believe or last class is tomorrow and i especially cant believe that finals week is next week! ive really enjoyed this semester w/ everybody! i wish you all luck on all of ur finals and i cant wait for our final to see everybodys final scene!!!! see you tomorrow!

Last Class

Tomorrow is going to be the last acting class...time goes pretty fast. I haven't written my papers for the final yet, but I am working on them. I was just thinking that this year is almost over. There is one more week and that's it. I still don't know for sure what I am doing over the summer and I am really stressed about the five finals I'll have. It's not going to be easy but I'll be happy that very soon everything will be all over.
I think that as off topic as we got with the movies, it was actually a very interesting discussion. I would agree with Fabio in his analysis of man in that people will, more than not, gravitate to things that are not difficult. I am sure that there are times where I do that. I like the occasional Superbad, which truly is super bad. However, I do prefer the more difficult movies that make you think or at least force you to follow the story line. The last movie I saw was Day Zero. It was about the re-institution of the draft in 2012. It really is basically a snapshot of a period in several human beings' lives. It probably could be made into a one act or it at least has that same type of format. I would suggest to anyone to watch it.
Sorry I got so off topic Tuesday during the discussion. I really did enjoy talking about movies though. I'm really into movies, especially ones that aren't main stream. I love discussing and arguing movies too. I would love to go see more plays and other live productions, but being a poor college student doesn't really give you the budget for that kind of stuff. So I just stick with good old fashion dvds.

One Acts

In my opinion there are several important acting techniques that were displayed during the entirety of the One Act series. Since there was limited space on-stage compared to past performances at Ashland, I believe that the use of exiting and entering became extremely important. One major reason I believe that the entrances and exits were done extremely well, was because not only did they communicate to the audience where each actor had been, it also helped to "enlarge" the stage area. Through the entrances and exits it appeared that there was much more space than there actually was.
I really enjoyed attending the one acts last week. They were so funny it was refreshing. I appreciate that we take time in class to answer any lingering questions we have after we write our papers. The different topics we discuss and the viewpoints expressed from everyone in the class really help to expand my knowledge about theater in general.