Monday, April 7, 2008

So today definitely was beautiful, like everyone else said and that makes me happy. And it's not just because it's beautiful outside, but because I won't freeze in class now. Every day I go in there I freeze. And it doesn't matter if I have my coat on or not, I still shiver. But tomorrow will be a good day because now I won't. Plus, I can enjoy the class even more.
So okay today was a beautiful day. Now that i've got that out in the open (just incase you all didn't notice) I'm now wondering how in the world am I going to get everything done. I think I'm probably stressing more than I should but I guess that is how I am. Not only that but the damn shift key on my computer isn't working right now so I am having to work exta hard to make capital letters. Okay so I'm excited for class tomorrow, it's nice to know that it is noticable that we are all improving. It's hard to believe we made it this far just from starting in January. Truly it's amazing. So since I've got my blog up before Delon this next part is for him. Hey Delon when are we gonna finish figuring out our plan for our scene? haha lets just get this thing done.

See you all tomorrow!

Almost Summer

It was really nice today. I just enjoyed walking to classes, and I took extra time to do so. Everybody was wearing t-shirts and shorts and that reminded me of the summer. I usually spend the summer at home, but this coming one I might be staying here. It just does not really make that much of a difference any more. When I first came to U.S., every plane I saw in the sky reminded me of going back home, and I couldn't wait to see my family and friends. Now, it is totally different. When I went home last summer, I even got bored and wanted to come back here. I think it's just interesting how when one gets used to the environment, it changes him/her completely.

Thursday's Class

it was interesting to see the difference between reading our lines cold turkey and then actually developing a storyline to go with it. The guys had a purpose after we went through all the possible scenarios that they could be experiencing when delivering their scenes. I can't wait to see everyone else do theirs:)
I love the weather today! It FINALLY feels like spring. I even got an ice cream cone at convo and ate it outside. The sunshine is a stress reliever, and it really has put me in a great mood. I am looking forward to practicing my skit tomorrow- I think my partner and I have finally got it figured out better, and it will be nice to have the classes input.
I agree with Chris in that, there is such a difference between just standing up without having any idea of what to do, and actually having lines and having a somewhat plan. The response acting sometimes is easier to do because you are merely responding, and really have no idea what is going to happen. I know when I have to memorize lines, I kinda seize up and have trouble because I am so concentrated on remembering the lines.

Practice Makes Perfect

While in class Thursday there were many things that were appealing about the "tentative" acting that was displayed by the class. Although it is difficult to get in the mind frame to act without any prior notice of what will be required; I believe that in some cases the acting was a better quality compared to scripted. In my opinion this is because the idea of being able to create a spontaneous reaction to a scenario requires the actor to display a genuine, and "free" style of acting. I believe this class was not only refreshing but extremely educational. While on the one hand the class as a whole was able to not only enjoy the humor of the acting, but also learn a few new techniques concerning the use of space as well as objects; leads me to believe that everything was "in alignment." In my opinion the ability to create a connection between the props on stage is one very important quality that an actor should possess.