Monday, April 7, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

While in class Thursday there were many things that were appealing about the "tentative" acting that was displayed by the class. Although it is difficult to get in the mind frame to act without any prior notice of what will be required; I believe that in some cases the acting was a better quality compared to scripted. In my opinion this is because the idea of being able to create a spontaneous reaction to a scenario requires the actor to display a genuine, and "free" style of acting. I believe this class was not only refreshing but extremely educational. While on the one hand the class as a whole was able to not only enjoy the humor of the acting, but also learn a few new techniques concerning the use of space as well as objects; leads me to believe that everything was "in alignment." In my opinion the ability to create a connection between the props on stage is one very important quality that an actor should possess.

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