Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Objects Exercise

I think that the exercise when we had to touch all the possible objects present in the scene was pretty interesting. It is somewhat spontaneous as far as words are concerned. The most interesting part is that no one so far has taken too much time to think what to say. They just say it without considering the consequences or the audience's reaction. Although without any specific preparation in regards to what to say, it seems that it always makes sense to some extent. The only somwhat "artificial" thing to me was touching all the objects as soon as possible. It is hard, though, because usually one does not always go around the room or whatever environment he/she is in and touch possibly everything. I am excited to see what the remaining groups have planned.
in last class, the skit i did with ross was very entertaining to do. i actually would have liked to pursuit the scene further. i felt as though there were more things i could have said or done that could have only added to the entertainment of the skit. i hope everyone found it as entertaining as it was for me to do it

Final Project

While in class on Tuesday I was unable to completely get "into character," I believe that for the final project my partner and I will be ready for the scene. While I was able to visualize the differences between the acting that takes place "in the moment," and the acting that was done earlier in the year, I would say that there is a significant disparity between the two stages. In my opinion from just a basic understanding of acting principles it is possible to convey a successful approach to acting.

In conclusion I believe that the acting being created through "spontaneity" derived from in class exercises is unparalleled going along with the idea of reason vs. instinct. If on the one hand there is little though being displayed in the process of acting it is impossible to be completely successful. On the other hand if too much thought is displayed, in my opinion, successful acting is also unachievable. Through my perception this is a delicate balancing act that must ultimately be given a sense of compromise concerning the overall motif of acting.
In my psych class, we were discussing whether or not we (the students in my class and I) are adults. The majority of the students said that they were not, while only a few considered themselves in adulthood. Then we went on to debate whether the age group people perceive themselves as being a part of is reflected in their behaviors and the way that they act. For example, if you consider yourself and adult, would you try to be more mature than just shrugging it off and being like "eh, I'm still a teenager..." Acting in such a way might be stereotypical, but nonetheless it is the way that society defines these ages. I suppose that is the reason that we tend to over exaggerate certain behaviors when we are acting like a certain age group, whether or not we really would behave that way in real life.
I agree with ross on that it was interesting to see how others would act out the same scripts but with different actions to accompany them...I also believe the highlight of class was when ross owned that helpless stole when he told kevin that he was his son haha