Monday, February 25, 2008


Class progression seems to be coming along quite smoothly. I think that everytime we come to class we leave know that we have learned something new. I have yet to leave class unsatisfied, looking forward to tomorrow.

Change of Attitude

This past weekend I attended a conference that not surprisingly showed me how good of an actor one has to be in order to succeed in the business world. The first days of the conference we had to attend some mock interviews, resume workshops, and other activities that were not the most interesting ever and that is probably why quite a lot of people were complaining about them. When the "big day", the day of the job fair, came everyone completely changed their attitude toward the conference. A lot of smiles, a lot of "happy people" were interviewing with the recruiters from the various companies. It was really interesting to see the difference of mood and attidute before and during the fair.
I'm going to have to agree with everyone else on the double whizbang of death. the game makes the days that much better... Even if I do suck at it. but the double whizbang makes you pay that much more attention to everything else going on around you. Hopefully I don't go out as early as I have the past couple times, but the way I'll look at that is that there is always room for improvement.
i agree that double whiz bang of death was ridiculously sweet. It gave me a rush of adrenaline that I think helps with the exercises. With acting, I think you have to ready for it and willing to give it 100% every time you do it. Whizbang, though I don't know how many movie stars do it, really pumps me up and makes me ready to do anything else. Even if you screw up it's ok because it takes "whizbang skill" to do well anyways. I think it's sweet and I can't wait to play tomorrow.

Defending Your Character

While in class on Thursday last week, I thought it was fun to defend the character I was playing. Although I know that there is much room for improvement in my acting, I thought that it was a nice change to be able to defend different styles of acting. The irony of this acting defense, is that it in turn requires acting to defend the previous acting. Through this circular cycle, I think that this class exercise created a new way to act and, in my opinion, enjoy the exercise.
whiz bang was kinda ridiculus with two balls. with two it is so much more difficult to concentrate, plus it is even harder the smaller the circle became. good times with that game. maybe if we get good enough we will be able to play with three balls, that would be insane