Wednesday, February 6, 2008

who knows

So I understand why in class we are "seeing" the objects we are doing in our minds but I'm starting to get rather antsy for actually have objects and not seeing them. I think this has something to do with the fact that sometimes I still feel awkward in class because I don't think I fully grasp what we are supposed to be doing or how to do it. I also think I have a problem coming up with ideas on how to do something and when we get thrusted in front of people with no idea of what we are doing it kind of has a way of deflating my self esteem. Now this doesn't happen all the time but I guess I wish we had something more tangible to work with because I think it will help me with my insecurity types of issues. I've never been a really self confident person and not knowing what to do all the time intensifies those feelings a great deal.

Guess Who Is Leading

I liked the game we played at the beginning of last class, "guess who's leading" (I believe was the name) because so far it seems like it is really hard for the guessing person to actually figure out who is leading. I think that happens because the person guessing is usually looking in the eyes of everybody on the floor. The eyes would not necessarily reveal the person leading. On the other hand, figuring out who is truly leading could turn out to be quite difficult mostly because not everybody is closely following the leader.

Super Bowl Advertising

Although there were many good commercials during the super bowl, as there usually are, I was quite impressed with the commercial in which the guy and there girl go to the wine and cheese party and the guy has a large block of cheese on a plate. He proceeds to go to the kitchen where he is meet by three other men. As he asks any of them if they would care for a slice of cheese he lifts up on the block of cheese and inside there are drinks. Then the next guy holds up a large roll and takes the top off and inside is another drink. The final guy decides to bring a box of wine, which actually harbors a television set inside. Although I am sure that there is plenty of acting going on throughout the entire commercial, I really believe that what made it great for me was to watch the kitchen scene unfold in a way that transformed an ordinarily boring wine and cheese party, into a great place to watch a football game with the guys.

Acting is all around us

I found myself watching other people today in convo and it was quite funny. People don't realize how much acting there doing when there just recapping their day. It involves reenacting different people they have encountered throughout the day which is essentially acting. When I went to dinner today I watched the people I was eating with do the exact same thing. It was funny to see. Completely off the subject, I've decided to retire the hot dog:)


I was in the Rec Center working out on Tuesday and there were a few other people in there as well. I had a sleevless shirt on and my tattoos were visable. A guy that i had been talking to about the Bruce Lee movie that was on television came up and asked about them. It was funny to see how awkward he felt asking me about it. He almost acted embarrased to be commenting on my tattoos. He started with "I hope this isn't weird..." which immediatly made it, and then continued to ask how much i had paid for them. This is not a odd question in the tattoo world i guess, since everyone likes to find the best deal and all, but his approach made me think of the way i felt awkward being in front of the others in class. I can really tell how much more comfortable i have become acting a fool in front of people i don't know.


So I'm going to John Carroll tonight to see one of my best friends from high school and I started thinking about something. I wonder how people act there? I went to Mount Union last year and the people are so different than they are here. Here everyone is so much nicer. At Mount, people weren't. They were very clickish and stuck to their own groups. I know every where there are clicks, but here it just seems like people are so much more willing to talk to people they don't know. To make a new friend at Mount was a huge task. I don't know if that's how people were in high school and they changed once they got to college or what but that is what I have noticed. It should be interesting to see what people are like at John Carroll.

Class on tuesday

Class tuesday was fairly exciting, watching the rocket was hilarious. I really thought there was a rocket in the room. The rollercoaster was also good. This class is aweome

Superbowl Commercials

Since people are posting about their favorite superbowl commercials I figured that I would follow suit and my favorite one was the one with the baby sitting if front of the webcam with the creepy clown in the backround, I thought it was funny...even though I didnt think that this years ones were as good as years past

Super Bowl ads

On the topic of super bowl ads, I really enjoyed the coke ad which had the parade with the monstrous balloons chasing after the coke balloon. It ended up with the Charlie Brown balloon winning the race to the coke bottle. Quite hilarious. The interesting thing that I found in regards to acting, is that in order for myself or anyone else to understand what in the world was going on, the balloons had to have some movements that would be typical to that of a human being's while still remaining a balloon. It would be some sort of combination between a balloon and a human. I would imagine that would be even harder than for a human being trying to act like another human being. Now you have a balloon trying to remain a balloon, but have some sort of action that would look similar to that of a human.