Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Bowl Advertising

Although there were many good commercials during the super bowl, as there usually are, I was quite impressed with the commercial in which the guy and there girl go to the wine and cheese party and the guy has a large block of cheese on a plate. He proceeds to go to the kitchen where he is meet by three other men. As he asks any of them if they would care for a slice of cheese he lifts up on the block of cheese and inside there are drinks. Then the next guy holds up a large roll and takes the top off and inside is another drink. The final guy decides to bring a box of wine, which actually harbors a television set inside. Although I am sure that there is plenty of acting going on throughout the entire commercial, I really believe that what made it great for me was to watch the kitchen scene unfold in a way that transformed an ordinarily boring wine and cheese party, into a great place to watch a football game with the guys.

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chris said...

Just going on a cheese run...LOL