Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday's Class

The groups that went Tuesday were really good. I'm really excited to see everyone's final scene, once we really perfect them and show them to our classmates I think there will be a lot of speechless people.
I really had fun with Ryan doing our scene where we had to touch every object on the set. I think it's a good activity to do so near to the final, because it's somewhat like an even more mini skit. It gave me some confidence and excitement. I'm thrilled to see everyone's final skit on the last day of class.
I love the fact that I no longer freeze in class. Hopefully the weather stays like this...

But, I just wanted to say I think everyone is doing awesome on their lines. Everyone is so creative and funny; it makes the class something I can look forward to all of the time. Keep working on your lines and I can't wait to watch more!!
i really enjoyed the two finals that we saw on tuesday. it was weird because after they did it a couple times, you could almost see them get it and understand it better right before our eyes. hopefully my progress will be just as great

pressure off

Hi guys,

FYI - your final performances don't necessarily have to be, "great." I am looking for obvious work, thought and improvement. Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourselves. It will only get in your way and in the end your work will not be as good as it could have been if you were more relaxed.

Complete everything I asked you to do, work steadily and with focus and you will all do fine.

You can do it.


Acting Class

Although during the class demonstrations today there were several good examples of acting concerning the use of space as well as other acting techniques, this overall motif of acting helped to reinforce my current understanding of the final project which will be a culmination of all the class exercises that have been performed during the semester. This will be a testament to the principles of acting, which I believe will ultimately help me in the future. Though there are several things that I believe are important concerning the nature of acting, one of the most important characteristics of acting, is making a connection with the audience. While I believe that there are many different approaches that can be taken to create a successful scene, the ultimate goal of acting is arguably to “bring” the audience into the presentation.

In the future I will try to use the space better in order to properly create an acting scene that is not only conducive to the principles of acting that I have learned throughout class, but also relate to the audience. I believe that this combination of things is ultimately the result of good acting.