Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So I'm pretty excited to see what we do with these "set designs" we did the other day. It should be interesting to see what he makes us do, but I also really want to see what everyone else came up with. We all have such different senses of humor and they are all hilarious. Tomorrow should be interesting.
So last class I had a little trouble with the lines. Even though I had studied them, because i wasnt able to study with Molly, it really threw me off. I think that it probably would also help if we had established a relationship. It appeared as though the people that had established relationships did better with the lines than those who had not.

Final Assignment

I was thinking about the final assignment and the different relationships and situations possible for a dialogue like this. There seems to be a lot of possibilities and yet and it is somewhat limited. I enjoyed listening to the different groups recite. I liked how the different groups made the same words sound in a different way. I had to recite memorized dialogues before, and not surprisingly I always seem to forget some of the words although I have practiced. The combination of words and acting might be harder than I expected.

Final Project

Although I am sure that in the future there will be a good deal of work to do concerning the final project, there is a good possibility that I will be able to create a better understanding of my character's role in the over aching theme of acting, and work toward a deeper level of commitment to things such as the storyline and back round information.

Another important component of acting, in my opinion is focusing on the objects that will be created during this final project in an effort to ultimately help the audience to gain a better understanding of the scene in which the acting will be done.

In conclusion I feel that through more perseverance in my acting abilities I will be able to quell any concerns dealing with, in my opinion, some of the major components of acting such as storyline, back round, and an accurate portrayal of the scene in which the acting will be created.
it was fun seeing everybodys group go, im excited for this assignment i cant wait to see everybodys end project. i hope everybodys having a good week and i will see u all in class on thursday dont forget your drawings of the stage!!!!