Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eating Exercise for Acting

While I was in convo today I noticed that there were many things that I was unable to see at first glance while eating. The first thing I noticed was that there are many steps involved in the eating process. First you must decide what you are going to eat. Next you must arrange it on your plate accordingly. After these steps I noticed that I take quite a while to cut up all the different items and in between I am guilty of using quite a few napkins. I also have a sort of regular timing when dealing with drinking anything and it seems to go in an alternating pattern between different portions and drinking. Another action I noticed was that many of the people at my table were involved in the stereotypical American notion of eating their food without really tasting it. I found a few people were not only eating, but reading at the same time or talking on the phone. The list goes on and on, but in short there was very little "eating" in the European sense going on. I tried to observe myself as well as the people around me while they were eating. I found several things that were very different from the exercise I did in class. One major difference was the time involved. It took me around forty-five minutes to eat dinner, which is much longer than in class. Although I know that to some extent the class exercises must be limited in the sense of time, in the future I will try to become more time conscious.


This eating exercise was a fun one to go out and do. I payed attention to the way that i ate my dinner and started to notice things that i had completely ignored when i was in class. I pay alot more attention to my food and reality then when i was pretending. I am also guilty of shoveling food into my mouth and not really tasting it. It really is a shame becuase i love food!


I have never noticed how little I pay attention to my eating. Not just the little things like using a napkin or how I hold my fork. I noticed I hardly even pay attention to the food I taste. I realized that I certainly am the person who just shovels down food. Out of the three blogs I have done, I think this is the sense that I certainly use the least. I would imagine that most others do the same.
I found this weeks assignment pretty interesting. It was funny to see how absent manners can be when your eating with people your comfortable with. I can't tell you how many people I saw with full mouths talking, and laughing with their friends in convo. It made food seem like it came second to the conversation going on. I didn't think that was that bad until I went to dinner tonight in upper convo and saw how people were eating then. Because the table seating was so big, bigger than the usual tables in convo, people were forced to sit with one another whether they were friends or not. Because of that, people were eating with such good manners (including me:) It was just funny to see the eating styles change from comfortable, to complete discomfort.

Eating in Convo

While I was eating in convo I tried to pay close attention to the way I am eating, and I noticed that I eat pretty fast and I use a lot of napkins. I also always lean forward even though I may not be eating cereal or soup. I guess I am just afraid of having food stains on my clothes.
The eating exercise we had in class was not really easy firstly because it was somewhat hard for me to actually "see" the nachos I was supposed to be eating. I believe I unconsciously kept moving my nachos and dip from one place to another. The pillow was a little easier object for me to imagine because I have played a lot with airplane pillows and I do know how the texture feels, how big they are, and how uncomfortable at times they could be.


I'm sure all of you went to or at least knew of the Fiesta food thing today. Well, I figured I could compare eating a normal meal and taste-testing new food. When I eat, I eat decent sized bites, but I chew quick; a few bites and it's down. But, when I eat I savor every bite. I really like to recognize each taste of each bite. I wanted to sit back and relax, but because I was eating salad I couldn't. I thought the lettuce and other crap I had put on it was going to fall all over me. When I was at the Fiesta thing I noticed I was paying a lot of attention to that too. I really wanted to actually try the food and see what I liked. Plus, eating all of these new foods made me have to adjust my way of eating. I basically learned that new foods require more attention and different techniques.


I enjoyed the eating exercises we did in the last class. They were very humbling. Eating is one thing that we do every day, and yet when asked to act as if we were eating certain foods, we were often hardly mediocre. I found myself forgetting obvious details which would have made my "performance" much more realistic. In convo, I tried to pay attention to the details of eating, such as how far there plates are from them, how they scrape food off of their plate or bowl, how they hold untensils, etc... Hopefully I will be more tuned to such details for the next class!

Eating in convo

Today I was paying strict attention to my food and my surroundings while I was in convo. The first thing I noticed right away is milk sticking to my mustache everytime I took a drink. I wiped my face often because of this. I was eating soup and a sandwich which made me lean over my plate because of drips and crumbs. I really paid attention to the flavor of my sandwich. Ham a turkey really is a wonderful combination with chips and a pickle. I eat very fast and was so hungry I was not really able or willing to slow down. It is absolutly correct that americans just shovel food into their system without really getting the full flavor of the food.


When I in Convo today I remembered the note that was made about how people lean in when they are eating a soup or cerial or other liquid. I noticed that this was also true with chicken wings, as when people would eat them they aould lean over their plate as not to have wing sauce drip onto their pants or shirts.