Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Entering and exiting. You may say it sounds pretty simple and unimportant, but it is amazing how much you can learn and understand about a scene just by how someone enters or leaves the room. The exercise that we performed on tuesday really helped me realize this and I think it will help out when it comes time for us to perform our final scenes.

one act festival

I went to see the one act festival tonight. I thought the first one was really screwed up. I liked the second one though, it was kind of funny. I did not like the third one too much. I think i found it boring because it was not a funny act. The fourth one was my favorite. I think Thea is a really good actress and she is what pulled it together.

One Acts

So I just got back from the one acts. I went in thinking it was going to be one play, one act. So I really wasn't looking forward to it. But after seeing the plays, I really enjoyed the experience, all the plays were so funny, I kinda wish I could have gone to the other night as well. Just so I could compare with what I saw tonight.


I liked the exit/entrance exercise although I didn't get to do it. I think I am the last one left for that. It was interesting how every entrance, for instance, is different depending on the place being entered. It was quite easy for one to guess where people were supposedly going by just paying attention to the details.
So looking forward to class tomorrow and one acts on thursday. i am hoping they are going to be sweet. I really hope that my immobility with my arm doesnt affect my acting in a negative way, since i will be immobilised for the next six weeks

Warm Weather

So I can tell that everyone is enjoying this warm weather except for me:( All of a sudden I got really sick and had to miss a day of class and I was doing so well with making it to every class and on time. Anyway I hope it went well. I'll be there tomorrow.
So I went to the one act festival last night and I would have to say that Ithought it was pretty amazing. Because of my unhappy experience with Dead Man Walking, I did go into the show dreading it, but I left laughing like mad. I hope the ones on Wed and Fri are just as good as yesterdays and if you didn't think they were good tonight i would suggest trying it again thursday. The husband and wife act was crazy funny. i loved it. see you all tomorrow

class yesterday

Its a good thing Fabio helped us on our scene yesterday our it would have turned out to be a disastor! I cant even look at Ted in the eye scares me to much! haha see everyone thursday