Sunday, March 30, 2008

Bathroom Exercise

I thought that the bathroom exercise was fun because it felt like a real bathroom scene. Everybody was pretty much doing the same thing, using the objects in the bathroom, but in a different way. We were used to imagining only one object to deal with at a time, but that exercise required a whole room. The interesting thing was the everybody placed the bath tub, the toilet and the sink in the same place.

Breathing Exercise

While in class the last week working on different breathing techniques, I found it quite relaxing to have no obligation but to "live in the moment." Although there were times in which it was difficult to focus on moving through the different substances, I did think it was very interesting to see the reactions that each person made in comparison to "having the substance" and not "having the substance." While at first they were stationary and inactive as the matter was removed they became relaxed.