Sunday, February 10, 2008


class was fun today, i thought the whole exercise when we were waiting at a bus stop was interesting. Ive been trying to think how i am going to act when i go up and do it...should be interesting! also, trying to decipher the first 2 groups ages was difficult because they have no props, costumes, etc., but it is interesting guessing the ages! see you in class tuesday :)


Guessing the ages of the people in class was fun, and somewhat difficult. If they were walking slowly we knew that they were old, but how old could they be? It was a tough decicion to make. All in all the class was fun and im looking forward to tuesday.

old movies

I absolutely love old movies and on TCM (Turner Classic Movies) they are doing a month of Oscar movies. Today was a lot of mystery movies and there were a few good ones. Two of them I have already seen, Spellbound and The Maltese Falcon, but I have never seen Gaslight (I would be surprised if many of you have even seen these movies so sorry). Ingrid Bergman was in Spellbound and Gaslight and I think she is such a great actress. I have a few favorites, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Cary Grant, Grace Kelley, Marlon Brando, Clark Gable, and her, among others. The acting styles between then and now are so different. Now, we have all these special effects and stuff that makes it easier for the viewer to get what's going on; acting can be so generic. Then, they had to use themselves to make the audience believe. Bergman played two completely different parts in the movies I saw today and I completely believed both of them. I know people hate to watch old movies because they're black and white or we've been so desensitized that they just don't seem real, but to get a feel for great acting, you should watch some oldies. I think to have actors and actresses as good as them now will be a hard task.