Monday, April 28, 2008

So I enjoyed the one act plays i believe as I previously mentioned but then I started to write my paper and one thing really stuck out to me. I did not like the smoking and it kind of almost ruined it for me. I am very sensitive to that stuff and i can't stand being around it and I didn't like feeling trapped in a huge cloud of smoke. I thought it was kinda rude of those students to subject their audience to that kind of atmosphere. I didn't feel like it added anything to the play either. I felt like I would have enjoyed that act more without it. I was so concerned with trying to breathe that looking back, I don't even remember what that act was about when I can pretty much tell you in great detail about the other three. I wish that they would have been more sensitive to the audience before they made the decision to include the smoking.
I really enjoyed the one act plays. Springfest was great!!! I love how the whole campus gets involved in some part of the activities. Unfortunately I did not get to participate in too many of them, because of track and my many other obligations that have consumed my life lately!!!!
I went to the One Act plays this past friday and really enjoyed them. I was sure I would even make it in because they were sold out but some people didn't show up so I lucked up. I appreciated the lighter mood of the plays a lot.

One-Act Play

I went to the One-Act Play on Tuesday and I thought it was quite different from what I have seen before and definitely different from Dead Man Walking. For me, it didn't feel like a formal performance probably because the audience was sitting very close to the actors and there was not any identified stage; the actors were using both the tiny elevated stage and the room floor for their stage. It felt more like class rather than actual performance. Although I didn't laugh very much and apparently it was supposed to be funny, I liked it. I think it was interesting.
The entering and exiting of a place has been really difficult. It is imperative for us to learn for our finals, but atleast for myself, its difficult. I think that if I had had a better idea for it, it would have been better. I felt like I needed to do something, but there really wasnt anything to do because I had just finished my exam.