Wednesday, March 5, 2008

tuesdays class

i really enjoyed talking about the play as a class on tuesday. it was nice to hear other peoples opinions both similar and different from mine. it was especially nice to hear other peoples opinions that were similar to mine because at times i felt like i was the only one who felt that way about certain things. i guess alot of answers to my questions could have easily been summed up by the fact that there was simply not enough money for the production, but i still believe that my high school had better use of its little money for our schoool productions but that is just my opinion...not trying to bash the play or n e thing but theres so many ways of working around budgets now a days! well cya'll in class tomorrow!
I enjoyed the discussion we had about Dead Man Walking Tuesday in class. It brought about many good points and different viewpoints that I found to be eye opening. It's obvious that no matter how a play is done, even with the best cast and directors, there will be certain aspects that some people will love and some will find completely unnecessary. That's just the way it works.

Class Discussion

I also think that the discussion on Tuesday was interesting because I got to hear other people's comments and experiences triggered by the play. I was surprised how the play has affected everybody in a different way. That makes me think about how hard it must be to have everybody interested, excited, and satisfied by a play. For me Dead Man Walking was both interesting because of the multi-media that I have never seen implemented in plays before, and boring because it seemed that everything was happening at a very slow pace.

Tuesdays Class

I enjoyed our discussion tuesday in class about the play. It was nice hearing everyone elses views and it helped me in understanding some parts of the play that i didnt like or understand. But Im looking forward to getting back to our activities for next class.


Class on tuesday was interesting, it was good to hear everyones views on the play dead man walking. Looking forward to class tomorrow

Edmund Fitzgerald

I thought class was an interesting turn in direction from what we've all been used to with acting so far. I liked that all we did was discuss our different reactions and likes/dislikes about Dead Man Walking. As much as I like listening to what everyone else had to say about it though, I really missed getting to act something out, I just kept looking down at my watch going, "ok... are we going to act soon?" haha, but it was fine. Hopefully we can get back into the flow tomorrow. Now you may wonder why my post is Edmund Fitzgerald, well I'm going to get back to this Great Lakes Beer that I just bought and tried for the first time... Its pretty interesting, it tastes a lot like coffee, the website said it'd go good with a steak or ribs. Now if I only had money for either of those...

camera shy

So i help out with TV@ News on Wednesdays and i have seen many people try the on camera positions and get nervous. You can always tell when someone is nervous becuase they stumble with their words and maybe become quieter and quieter as they talk. I saw the same thing for a couple people in the production of Dead Man Walking. There were a few actors that you could tell were not quite comfortable on stage yet, but i have faith that they'll come around. I used to be nervous being on camera or on air, but now i love the attention. :)
I really wish that the production of Dead Man Walking that I saw had had all the statistics of the other productions. I think if that was the case I would come away differently from the play. Regardless, it makes no difference. I would like to reiterate that I have never seen a play about the Death Penalty and I think that theater is a wonderful way to begin dialoge on the subject. The key is however, that the play must be balanced, or there will be a side who will not listen and thus no dialoge can begin.